How to Avoid Being “That Guy” at the Races

by Ryan Knapp

As I was thinking about this entry, I realized that it could very easily have been titled: “How to Avoid being “That Guy” in Everyday Life.” Although this will have a cycling related spin to it, in my opinion, many of the same principles apply. Maintaining a good standing with

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USGP Rounds 5 and 6: Derby City Cup

by Maureen Bruno Roy

November is usually the time in the racing season to start to reflect upon how things are going. It’s also the time of the season where you want things to “click” and really be coming together nicely in preparation for the next 6-8 weeks before Nationals. As I am looking

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November Playlist: Patricia Dowd

by Patricia Dowd

I love music. As I kid, when the New England weather was really crappy, I roller skated in my basement to Diana Ross and spun awesome 80s hits on my record player. I made mix tapes in high school and college and decorated the tape covers. Now I download music,

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A Spectator’s Guide To Cyclocross

by Joan Hanscom

If you ask me there is no more fun version of bike racing to watch than cyclocross.  Road racing is great if you’re an aficionado or have a really long time to sit in front of the television.  But cross?  Cross is pure magic bike racing fun.  And most likely

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Post Season Wrap Up: Mark Swartzendruber

by Mark Swartzendruber

As I sit here typing this post season report, it is early November (sorry for blowing my deadline, oops) It’s hard to imagine that just two months ago I won my 10th IL State time trial championship with an average speed over the 33 kilometer course of 28.7 miles

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Looking Back: 2011 Recap

by Meredith Miller

Has another racing season really come and gone already? I can’t believe that I am sitting here at my computer, looking out the window at the snow falling, while thinking back on the 2011 road racing season.

It all happened so fast – I was competing at the Cyclocross World

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New England Pro Cyclocross Series Rounds 5 and 6

by Maureen Bruno Roy

After returning from the Czech Republic, we decided to take the following weekend off from racing to tackle the chest high laundry pile, get back to my clients and get Matt back into the lab! We had a freak snowstorm over that weekend which meant that there would be really

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My Favorite Piece of Gear: Joan Hanscom

by Joan Hanscom

Among my riding friends my deep aversion to cold temperatures is well documented.  I don’t think I have ever been close to over-heating.

I like to be warm when I ride.  This of course poses a challenge come fall and winter.  So my favorite fall gear is not made of

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Training Playlist from Joan

by Joan Hanscom

Boo.  Trainer days are here awfully early this year. On today’s playlist my fetish for 1990’s electronica reveals itself:

  • Get the Party Started:  Shirley Bassey
  • First Impression:  Haik Naltchayan
  • Start House: Haik Naltchayan
  • Monaco: Haik Naltchayan
  • Love vs Hate: Gus Gus
  • Bird 1:  Underworld
  • Imperpetuem Mobila:  Patient Saints
  • Serpent’s Fruit:
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