An Edible Mosaic

An Edible Mosaic {Giveaway} + Mujaddara

by AmandaCarter

I love Middle Eastern food. Just thinking about warm pita bread, creamy hummus and crispy falafel makes my mouth water. But as much as I enjoy Middle Eastern cuisine, I only eat it at restaurants—I never make it at home. Even though many of the dishes seem fairly simple, I’ve

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Budget Gourmet Mom: Traditional Southern Succotash

by Guest

In October, we celebrated our soup mixes. For November, our minds have turned to Thanksgiving and planning a meal that is both satisfying and healthy. The holidays are prime time to pack on a little extra weight, so we’ve asked some of our favorite food bloggers to bring some healthy

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Presley’s Pantry: Spicy Cream of Garbanzo Soup

by Guest

This is the type of soup that needs to be cherished. A little bowl will make you wish you had the entire pot sitting in front of you. One spoonful in  and the subtle spice complimented with the creamy garbanzo will make you well aware that this soup will become

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Yum Kid: Bean Kebabs

by Guest

There is something about finger foods that simultaneously screams I am an adult and I am a kid.  Patties aka sliders aka kebabs as I call them are very popular in my home. I find them very versatile as they are great for school lunches, afternoon snacks, playdate snacks, light

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Windy City Cooking: 13 Bean Soup with a Kick

by Guest

Fall can get quite chilly in Chicago (where did I put my sweatshirt?) and the best way to warm up is a homemade bowl of spicy soup.  With quality ingredients like Bob’s Red Mill’s Gluten Free Homemade Wonderful Bread mix, it is a cinch to turn an ordinary bowl of

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