Polenta Cupcake

Marionberry Lemon Polenta Cake & Cupcakes

by Meagan Nuchols

Tis’ the season of summer for Polenta Marionberry Cake. Here at the Whole Grain Store they are going fast! Great for picnics, parties or tonight’s dessert! Add a side of ice cream, coconut or whipped cream, yum. They will only be available through June, so hurry in or make one

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Get Your Spurtle On

by Cassidy Stockton

All it takes is a little creativity and a video camera and you, too, can enter Spar for the Spurtle. We’re not looking for a fancy high-budget video, any old smart phone will do. What we are looking for, however, is a creative dish using Steel Cut Oats. Whether

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world affairs council

Visit from the Africa Women’s Entrepreneurship Program

by Cassidy Stockton

Last week, the US State Department brought a group of seven women from the Africa Women’s Entrepreneurship Program on a tour of Bob’s Red Mill. This group, representing Benin, Ghana, Malawi, Nigeria, and Zambia, was touring around the United States to learn about different industries and how they can improve

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Natural Flavors *Partially* Demystified

by Cassidy Stockton

What’s the deal with “natural flavors” anyway? There’s something that seems inherently unnatural about them. Aren’t “natural flavors” a bit redundant? Shouldn’t the flavor of something already be present without the addition of more flavors? That’s what I’ve been asking myself and I know many of you wonder the same

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Getting Started with Gluten Free/Casein Free Baking

by Cassidy Stockton

It’s no easy feat getting started with baking gluten and casein free. A great way to start off your baking adventures is to use some of the handy gluten free, casein free baking mixes available at your local store. A basic bread mix, pancake mix, pizza crust mix and dessert

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