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Bob’s Red Mill – At Your (Food) Service

by Tim Steiner

Most know Bob’s Red Mill whole grain goodness from the shelves of their local grocery or natural food store.  It is no secret, however, that Bob’s Red Mill has long provided an extensive collection of Whole Grain, Organic and Gluten Free Grains, Flours, Cereals and Mixes to a wide variety

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A Soup to Warm You

by Cassidy Stockton

Seeing as how most of the country is experiencing a winter-chill today, I thought I’d share this recipe for Creamy Mushroom and Grains Soup. It’s delightfully easy and wonderfully soothing on a cold day. Not to mention the amazing nutrition from whole grain barley and oat groats. Both wonderful sources

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Beans and whole grains are great sources of healthy fats.

Heart-Healthy Fats

by Cassidy Stockton

Good fats are almost an oxymoron in our society, but a little bit of nutritional research quickly reveals that your body needs fat to survive and some fats are much better than others. Trans fats and saturated fats are the “bad” fats, those that promote clogged arteries, obesity and heart

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Our whole grain blue cornmeal is a delightful addition to any baked good.

Blue Cornmeal Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies

by Meagan Nuchols

Recently, the Bob’s Red Mill Bakers have put our heads together with thoughts on how to incorporate and showcase our wide variety of grains. We have decided to select a monthly grain that will be showcased in the store, as well as, an accompanying recipe including that ingredient. For the

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Thank you from all of us at Bob's Red Mill

ESOP: A year later

by Cassidy Stockton

Tuesday, February 15th, marked the one-year anniversary of Bob’s announcement that he was handing ownership of Bob’s Red Mill to his employees. When the announcement was made, we had no idea how inspiring people would find this. Obviously, the employees were blown away by the announcement, but the rest of

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A perfect protein-packed snack!

“Forks Over Knives”: A Worthwhile Documentary

by Chelsea Lincoln

Bob calls “Forks Over Knives” a very worthwhile film and encouraged all of us at Bob’s Red Mill to take ourselves and families to go see it.  I have seen this documentary twice already, and even though I have eaten a plant based diet for 15 years now, I still learned

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Getting regular exercise is a key component to stress management.

Coping with Stress for Heart Health

by Cassidy Stockton

Beyond eating right and getting exercise, dealing with your stress levels is a crucial component to heart health. Stress can lead to high blood pressure, sleep deprivation, weight gain, overeating and an increase in high-risk behaviors, such as drinking and smoking cigarettes. Those are just some of the things stress

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The Non-Dairy Queen, Sarena
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