Saturday I met some friends for breakfast at Toast (a neighborhood restaurant) on SE 52nd Avenue near Steele (Woodstock area). It’s small just 8 tables plus some counter stools so we had to wait a bit.
Look for their new website coming soon.

Right away I noticed the big sacks of Bob’s

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obama gift basket

A Brush with the Executive Wing

by Cassidy Stockton
A few months ago, Bob had the lucky chance to get seated next to David Zimmel, a Portland real estate developer on a flight back from Hawaii. Bob and Dave hit it off and spent the entire flight talking about Portland, Bob‘s Red Mill, and Dave’s real estate in
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scooping grains

Thinking Local

by Cassidy Stockton

Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of attending a dinner hosted by New Seasons Markets. New Seasons is a local grocery chain with 9 stores in the greater Portland area. They focus on providing high quality local products and amazing customer service.

The dinner was quite an experience.

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