A new gluten free mill is being constructed in the gluten free facility.

What’s New(s) at the Mill?

by Cassidy Stockton

Thank you to everyone who participated in our chia seed contest. I have contacted all of the winners. If you did not win this time, keep trying! we have lots of great giveaways and chances to win coming up in the next few months!

A new gluten free mill is

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HB in Five Winner & a Quick Lesson on Gluten

by Cassidy Stockton

(photo by Mark Luinenburg via Artisanbreadinfive.com)

I regret deeply that I do not have any photos to share of the awesome pizza crust I made using the rest of my master dough from last week. The pizza crust was enough to make the whole process worth it. Unlike the bread

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My loaf is formed and ready to rest for 90 minutes.
A veritable treasury of delicious, vegan recipes.

One last giveaway for the year and winners!

by Cassidy Stockton

First and foremost, we’ve got some winners from Tuesday’s contest. Congratulations go to Libby who won Whole Grains, Every Day, Every Way by Lorna Sass and Joanna who won Artisan Bread in Five Minutes A Day by Jeff Hertzberg and Zoë François. Thank you to all who participated in the

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GF LOGO Cropped

Advice for Gluten Free Newbies

by Cassidy Stockton

Since joining the Bob’s Red Mill team five years ago, I’ve met my share of people who are newly diagnosed with celiac disease and others trying to get started eating gluten free. By now, I know the gist of what is important when you’re just getting started and always cringe

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Lori teaches students at the CIA about celiac disease.

A Visit to the C.I.A.

by Cassidy Stockton

Lori teaches students at the CIA how to cook for those with celiac disease.

I just returned from an incredible adventure to Hyde Park, New York!  I was given the opportunity to teach a class on gluten-free baking at the Culinary Institute of America.

The C.I.A. is the premier culinary

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Biscuits and Starlets by Lambchop

Biscuits by Lambchop

by Cassidy Stockton

Sensible treats for sensitive dogs.

When we started producing gluten free flours in a dedicated facility, we knew that this would help many people with food allergies or intolerance to feel safe about the products they were choosing. What we didn’t anticipate is how this might ripple out into other

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Chocolate, Bacon, Syrup… Oh My!

by Matt Cox

Rock Lobster racer tweaks a Bob's Red Mill brownie

Facebook friend Sarah shared this photo featuring our GF Brownie Mix topped with bacon and maple syrup… does it look good or gross? You be the judge.

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Gluten Free Cornmeal Pancakes

Test Kitchen: New GF Corn Products

by Chelsea Lincoln

I am very excited that we now offer gluten free corn products. Over the years, countless customers have requested gluten free corn products, and knowing that we can finally fulfill that need, makes me very happy.

I got to play around the kitchen and discover recipes using the Gluten Free

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