Whole grains Millet, Spelt, Amaranth and Quinoa

Integrating Whole Grains Part 1 – Cooking

by Chelsea Lincoln

For New Year’s, we often try our hand at ways to improve our health and happiness.  Integrating more whole grains into our lives is a delicious, easy way to start.  Intact foods are packed with essential vitamins, minerals and fiber, which are just a few of the benefits of whole

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Soup saved me on so many levels on our trip- usually it was vegetarian and homemade.
Add walnuts or chocolate chips for a real treat!

Toward a Healthier Diet through Flexitarianism: Guest Post

by Cassidy Stockton

When Eileen contacted us about writing some guest posts for you, I was blown away by the topics she suggested. We’ll have two more topics from Eileen in the coming weeks, this first one explores Flexitarianism, something that most of us know very little about. Enjoy!

During the past decade,

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Unprocessed starts at the beginning- here Bob inspects a new shipment of grain.

October: Unprocessed

by Cassidy Stockton

At Bob’s Red Mill, “unprocessed” foods are our bread and butter. We pride ourselves on keeping true to the ingredients we use. You know the drill by now- one pound in, one pound out. No preservatives, no weird chemicals, just grains, beans or seeds. When Andrew from Eating Rules approached

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Breakfast doesn't have to be fancy, but fancy tastes pretty good.
Thousands of runners, and even more spectators!
Signing up for a race or a team sport can be very motivating!
Beans are easy.
Whatever your style, it's a great time of year to go for a ride.

It’s Bicycle Season Again!


Here at Bob’s Red Mill, it seems like there are two types of cycling enthusiasts, the truly devoted and the fair weather friend. For the truly devoted, there is never really a bad time of year to tune up your bike and head out for a long ride. But for

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