Coconut Sugar Coffee Cake F

Coconut Sugar Coffee Cake

by Cassidy Stockton

I don’t know what your post-Thanksgiving weekend looks like, but I can tell you that having this coffee cake on hand will be a lovely touch point in an otherwise crazy weekend. With families going every which way over the weekend—be it shopping, sledding, skiing, watching football, decorating for Christmas,

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gf pie crust cooked F

Tips for a Dairy-Free and Gluten-free Pie Crust

by Guest

Being on a gluten-free diet can be hard but luckily companies like Bob’s Red Mill (which I’ll refer to as Bob’s) are busy creating flour blends and mixes that can easily take the place of your all-purpose flours. In recent years, our family has had to eat gluten-free and dairy-free,

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Triple Chip Oatmeal Cookie Mix-4

Triple Chip Oatmeal Cookie Mix in a Jar

by Erin Clarke

Holiday shopping stresses me. I want my gifts to be more thoughtful than a gift card, but guaranteed to please the recipient.  After years of my sister privately asking me for gift receipts, I have finally found the holiday gift that’s a guaranteed hit: Homemade Triple Chip Oatmeal Cookie Mix

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Angel Food Cake

Gluten Free Angel Food Cake

by Sarena Shasteen

In truth, I thought for a minute about sharing a recipe for a side dish that we all love around here during the holidays, but let’s be honest, this time of year calls for sweet treats. The holiday season is a time when people come together to share love, friendship,

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quinoa bites F

3 Healthy Road Trip Snacks

by Claire Gallam

The holiday season is upon us, and to many, that means lots of baking, holiday parties, endless shopping and long road trips to see family and friends. Even though it’s just as easy to pull into a McDonald’s or a Burger King when the kids start demanding food, those meals

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Farro Salad with Apples and Sweet Potatoes F

Farro Salad with Apples and Sweet Potatoes

by Jennifer Farley

Whether you need a side dish for Thanksgiving or just a new addition to your menu rotation, this dish from Jennifer of Savory Simple is a hearty blend of farro, apples and sweet potatoes with crumbled Gorgonzola to add an incomparable richness! If this salad were a shirt, I’d say

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Baguette F

Gluten-Free Baguette {Giveaway}

by Cassidy Stockton

I bet you’re probably beginning to think I love all cookbooks. Rest assured, that’s not the case. If I don’t think it has some merit, we’re definitely not wasting our time talking about it here. I’ve been excited about a lot of gluten free cookbooks this year because so many

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Red Lentil and  Barley Stew

{Meatless Mondays} Red Lentil Stew with Barley

by Cassidy Stockton

I don’t know about your neck of the woods, but ours could sure use a scarf or two these days. I guess it makes sense, Thanksgiving is right around corner. November should be cold. Shockingly, the dropping temps have us pinning soup recipes like mad on Pinterest and dusting off

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GF Pumpkin Pie | Bob's Red Mill

Gluten Free Pumpkin Pie

by Cassidy Stockton

What is Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie? Just because you’re gluten free, does not mean you have to be pie-free. This recipe uses our phenomenal gluten free pie crust mix for a perfectly crisp, delicate gluten free crust. With this recipe, we bet your gluten free guests will worry that they’re

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Fenster - Pork Cutlets with Marsala Wine and Mushrooms on Soft Polenta F