photo credit: Christa Kelso of Mini Baker

Baked Blueberry Banana Chia Seed Oatmeal

by Guest

This recipe is part of our month-long celebration of all things chia and comes from baker and writer, Christa Kelso Borden. Christa owns Mini Baker, a premiere cupcake and mini cake destination. Of herself, Christa says, “as a young girl, I always loved baking and had a large sweet

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Carob Chia Seed Bubble Tea

by Guest

This inventive recipe from Lidia of Air Eater is part of our month-long celebration of the tiny super food, chia. When chia seed is mixed with liquid, it forms a thick gel, making it a fun and healthy alternative to tapioca pearls in traditional bubble tea.

Carob Chia Seed Bubble

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Cherry Almond Chia Granola

by Guest

We’re celebrating the tiny wonder-seed Chia all month long. This wonderful recipe comes from Brandi of Bran Appetit. Brandi Evans is the writer, taste tester, and dish washer at BranAppetit! Of her blog, Brandi says, “This blog is my cooking outlet, a place where I can share what’s going

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Ch-ch-ch-chia! (Orange Chia Seed Muffins)

by Guest

Do you remember that jingle?  The catchy tune that sold millions of Chia Pets over the years?  Well, those same seeds that grow the “fur” on chia pets is the same seed that’s one of the best superfoods!  I’d never made that connection until this weekend when my mother, who

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Chia Madness: Chocolate Protein Chia Pudding

by Cassidy Stockton

Happy February! We’re kicking off a full month of chia seed madness featuring some great recipes from bloggers of every sort. We know a lot of people are interested in this funny little seed and looking for some fun and delicious ways to include it in their diet. Without further

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