Discover Farro

The Oatmeal Compendium

by Cassidy Stockton

Oats come in such a dizzying array of cuts and rolls, it’s easy to get lost and confused. I mean, what IS the difference between Scottish and Steel Cut Oats? What is an oat GROAT? and What makes the Gluten Free oats different from regular oats? Wonder no more, here

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quinoa grain

Discover Quinoa

by Cassidy Stockton

Let’s get one thing straight, right off the bat, quinoa is pronounced KEEN-WA, not Quin-OH-ah or Keen-Woo.

I like to call quinoa the gateway whole grain. It’s easy to cook, incredibly nutritious, endlessly versatile and tastes great too! Quinoa originates in South America where it was immensely popular because it

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Bob Feature
Spiced Carrot Amaranth Bread

Meatless Mondays: Spiced Carrot Amaranth Bread

by Cassidy Stockton

Quick breads are so simple and so comforting. This recipe blends warm spices like cinnamon and cloves with carrots, pecans and amaranth for an unusual, yet familiar feeling treat. Serve this bread warm from the oven with a cup of tea and some honey butter, or freeze a loaf for

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Millet Spring Roll Salad1
Coconut Flour

A Little More About Coconut Flour {Guest Post}

by Guest

What in Bob’s Red Mill Is Coconut Flour?

Do you ever hear some people talk about different kinds of flour, new seeds, or see a word on a menu that you have no idea what it really is? Sometimes when I walk into the “natural foods” section of the grocery

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Prebiotics and Probiotics

Getting Gastrointestinally Groovy: Prebiotics and Probiotics

by Cassidy Stockton

It’s hard to miss the probiotic trend in the food industry these days. Probiotics are good bacteria that aid in the balance of our digestive tract. These microorganisms aid in digestion and support our immune system. They can help prevent intestinal upset and aid in the treatment of certain infections.

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Garbanzo Fava Bean Flour