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Caption Contest

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Yesterday afternoon, I came across this photo of Bob. I immediately thought this would make a great photo for a caption contest. Bob was so excited that he insisted on picking the winner himself and felt it imperative that we also do a caption contest for a second photo—this one of his assistant, Nancy Garner. To say Nancy is Bob’s assistant does not nearly do her job justice. She works tirelessly with Bob on all of his projects and accompanies him to speaking engagements, trade shows and events of every variety. They can often be found playing piano together at our World Headquarters or enjoying lunch at our Whole Grain Store.

Here’s the contest:

Write a caption for one or both photos here or on Facebook. I will post both photos on Facebook and you must enter the caption as a comment under the photo or it will not be counted. Let’s keep it clean; any inappropriate comments will be deleted. Bob and Nancy will choose the captions they like best and the winners will receive a $50 Bob’s Red Mill Gift Card that can be used on our website. On your comment, be sure to indicate Caption A for Bob’s photo and Caption B for Nancy’s photo.  This photo was taken for an ad, here is the actual caption that will be used: “I want you… to eat whole grains.” Get creative, get funny, but don’t use that caption. Bob and Nancy will pick the two winners on 03/31/11 and I will announce them here, on April 1st.

Caption A: Bob's Photo

Caption B: Nancy's Photo


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104 Responses to “Caption Contest”

  1. A: Try our New and Improved Rick Rolled Oats.

    B: You want to audition to be our mascot dressed as a bag of Mighty Tasty Hot Cereal? The line forms over there!

  2. Jennifer Mourikis

    A: Mama always said “Eat a good breakfast.”
    Now eat your breakfast.

    B: You’d better listen to Bob…

  3. A – I want you… to LOVE whole grains.
    B – Think you don’t like whole grains? Think again!

  4. A: YOU are the reason I make all this great tasting food!

    B: YOU better believe it!

    (PS, Thank you, Bob, we are a grateful family who uses your products! Thank you for having a vision, morals, and values!)

  5. a) So you’re the one who keeps buying the semolina!

    b) Why are you pointing at me? It was that guy over there that bought the last bag! I use cornmeal on my pizza peel!

  6. a. All the good parts of grains in a great flavor.

    b. You won’t know HOW good till you try them!

  7. caption: I want YOU to be as healthy as possible!!

    I couldn’t get the caption under the photo. This is for photo A. Let me know at the email above, and i’LL submit it correctly, else please do it for me, if you can. Thank You!!

  8. a. Bob wants you to treat your body well-eat well, feel well, live well!

    b. I told him to say that!

  9. Avery Morrison

    A. Did you know you’re out of polenta?

    B. You could use some more steel cut oats too!

  10. A. “Listen here, Quaker Oats guy. You’re not getting the Red Mill’s secrets!

    B. “Nice hat, Quaker Oats guy. It’s so 17th century!”

  11. A. Don’t YOU do it . . . don’t you buy that other flour! Bob’s Red Mill rocks!

    B. And YOU thought you were going to get better quality where?

  12. A: I want YOU to eat healthy, so choose Bob’s products!

    B: Hey you, go and make yourself someting yummy and healthy too – choose Bob’s!

  13. a) It is YOUR health we have in mind and healthy eating plays a part. Bob’s Redmill, Natural Grains, is a good place to start.

    b) Going with grain is healthy, simple and plain.

  14. Patti Cheatham

    Caption A: Your family’s health begins with you!

    Caption B: You’ll find the basic ingredients for healthy living right there behind you.

  15. A. I want you to try a great cooked breakfast cereal..
    B. I told you it would ‘rev up your engine ” LOL

  16. BOB’S picture: “Bob’s good grain reduces your pain”

    Nancy’s Picture: “Bob’s great grain increase your brains!”

  17. As a Celiac / Gluten intolerant person, needing to be totally re-oriented to this situation,in baking, cooking and eating, I so appreciate the choices Bob’s Red Mill provides in your products. Thanks to these great Gluten Free products, I can again look forward to enjoying “safe” food and good tasting food!

    Thanks…and I really could use the $50 🙂

    Sue Taft

  18. Darren Pennington

    A: Train with grain, power through the strain, the rain, and the pain.
    B. Grain with every meal, please!

  19. Catherine Rigdon

    A. YOU are the reason we take pride in our products!

    B. Do I have a Bob’s Red Mill product for you!

  20. A. Shame on you, should have bought Bob’s Red Mill products!

    B. Do you see that over there, they are buying all the Bob’s Red Mill products, what will everyone else buy?

  21. Bob: Eat My Grains (and look this good).
    Nancy: Better do what he says… he’s fortified!

  22. a- your not reeeeally gonna eat that when you can have this stuff are you?
    b- if your mother was here……..