Cookbook Extravaganza Week 3: Babycakes Covers the Classics {Giveaway}

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Wow! Two cookbooks to giveaway in one week? Today we’re giving away a copy of the new Babycakes Book. You can read a full review of the book here. This book is great and chock full of delicious recipes for classic treats made gluten free and vegan! I hate having this book in my office because it positively screams deliciousness and, having tasted the creations from Babycakes, it makes me want to rush home to have a tryst with it in my kitchen.

Kidding aside, there are recipes for all of your classic treats- Whoopie Pies, Honey Buns (using Agave), S’mores, Thin Mints, Chips Ahoy and many, many more. Most recipes use our Gluten Free All Purpose Flour, Garbanzo-Fava Flour or Brown Rice Flour and the majority call for refined coconut oil and agave nectar. Pretty good stuff to make something so sinful.

How to enter? Simply tell us what your favorite gluten free treat is these days- be it sweet or savory.

UPDATE: We had an issue with the giveaway app we are using. Everyone who comments will be entered to win. Pretend there never was an app. Sorry for the confusion!

Contest ends at 11:59 pm on 11/20/11.

Winner: Natalie Gibbs! Thank you to everyone who participated. We’ll have more cookbooks to giveaway coming up later this week.

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57 Responses to “Cookbook Extravaganza Week 3: Babycakes Covers the Classics {Giveaway}”

  1. I like gluten free peanut butter cookies – the kind with no flour and all peanut butter (no other fats like margarine or butter)

  2. I have a gf chocolate chip cookie that is always yummy. However – I’d LOVE to try a gf version of the honey bun!!

  3. In the spirit of the season, the gluten-free stuffing/dressing my mom makes. Not only is it delicious and gluten free, I am thankful that I have the opportunity to eat it and share it with my family 🙂

  4. My favorite gluten free treat these days are breakfast items- latkes and everything bagels. Plus a snack of sliced green apple with a nice cheese and pecans.

  5. Thanks for letting me know about this book. I am new to gluten-free baking, and I would love to win a copy of it.

  6. I’m so new to being gluten free that I don’t have a favorite treat yet. I’d love to have a cookbook full of GF recipes so that I can make some yummy treats to choose from!

  7. Pumpkin Cranberry Morsels look tasty! I think I should order some because they are gluten free. -Kenn

  8. mmm sweet potato chips have been a great standby lately. I keep them in the car for when I get the munchies.

  9. We converted an old recipe for Molasses-Cranberry sugar cookies. So yummy and very popular! Nobody know it’s GF until we tell them 🙂

  10. I would love to try the pumpkin cranberry morsels. For me it is anything pumpkin- I love pumpkin.

  11. the pumpkin cranberry morsels look awesome! I’d love to try a party mix to get to try a little of everything!

  12. pumpkin cranberry sounds interesting, something I would certainly try. Sweet potato chips have been a great standby lately. I keep them in the car for when I need a quick snack.

  13. I love gluten free doughnut holes right now. I keep making more and more. It had been years since I’d had them now I can’t get enough!

  14. Cindy Moore-Sailors

    Walnuts and dates….it’s not particularly fancy as far as treats go but it’s super easy to grab and go while I’m moving at the speed of my 2 year old. Maybe I’d be concocting some niftier treats if I won the Babycakes book.

  15. Morselicios mix looks great! Just add liquid and you can bake a whole lot of stuff with it at home.

  16. Gluten free pancakes! They’re really a treat with natural peanut butter and syrup for breakfast, lunch or dinner!!

  17. I’m not gluten free, but trying to eat less gluten in general. I recently bought a bag of BRM brown rice flour. Can’t wait to use it on something good (like something from this cookbook!). Granny Smith apples are a good gluten free snack 🙂

  18. Only one?!? I love the Kinniknnick Kinni-toos! Funny, since I wasn’t a huge Oreo fan before going GF! 🙂

  19. GF Pumpkin-Spice Muffins (using a mixture of Bob’s Brown Rice Flour, Tapioca Flour and Potato Starch). They are my must have for Thanksgiving breakfast!

  20. Love gluten-free brownies, either made from black beans and oats, or from walnuts and dates. Both seriously addicting.

  21. I’ve been making an apricot fig galette weekly.

    I have been coveting this book, please universe let it be mine!