Hamilton Beach Breadmachine Giveaway

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Last summer, I worked with the nice folks over at Hamilton Beach to help them launch a new bread machine with a gluten free bread setting—The HomeBaker 2 lb Bread Machine. They came to us for help with gluten free bread recipes and advice about gluten free baking in general. We also tested our mixes with the machine to be sure they would work before we embarked on this project. In return for our help and partnership, they gave me 3 of these machines to share with you guys! How cool is that??

I know bread machines seem like a throwback from the 80’s and many folks still have one lying around in the garage collecting dust, but they have seen a resurgence in the last few years with people looking for ways to eat better and eat fresher.

Do you know how easy a bread machine is?? Seriously, you just put the ingredients in and press a button. Before you know it, you’ve got fresh bread and a house that smells like a bakery. It’s the Crockpot of bread baking! I had sort of brushed them off as a another appliance to take up space in my kitchen, until I got one of these new Hamilton Beach machines to play with. It sat in its box for an embarrassing amount of time and when I finally pulled it out, it was with resignation. Ok, I have to use this so I can tell our readers about it. Let me tell you, after one loaf, I was hooked. Now I use it to make all sorts of things- like pizza dough. Just throw my ingredients in and come back in 90 minutes to wonderfully springy and perfectly risen pizza dough ready to be baked.

That’s the cool thing about this machine- it has all sorts of great settings (did I mention gluten free??) and a handy delay-start so I could put the ingredients in on my way to work and come home to fresh bread! Another problem that it solved for me was the rising temperature. The hubs likes to keep our house just above freezing, which makes it difficult to get my dough to rise properly and this machine keeps the dough the perfect temperature for rising- so no matter how frigid my house, I can still get my dough to rise.

Ok, enough about how much I am enjoying this machine. Now for the good parts! How can you enjoy this machine?


Three winners will receive a brand new Hamilton Beach Bread Machine and their choice of either our Gluten Free Bread Mix Gift Set or our regular Bread Mix Gift Set. As an extra bonus- there’s even a coupon inside for more of our bread mixes!!

How to Enter

It’s simple, but because of the nature of this giveaway, I need to be strict. If you don’t follow the rules exactly, I will not count you.

To enter, simply leave us a comment here, on our blog on this post, and tell us which gift pack you would like to win. That’s it. Nothing fancy.

Most importantly: YOU HAVE TO ENTER HERE ON OUR BLOG- NOT ON FACEBOOK. I’ll remind people to head over to our blog, if they enter on Facebook, but I won’t be looking there to pick the winners.

Winners will be chosen using from all those who enter by 11:59 pm on Sunday, May 22nd, 2011. I will announce winners by May 31st. Unfortunately, we have to limit winners to residents of the United States (our apologies to our Canadian friends).

Good luck!

Want more information about this machine? Check out this site for great info.

Terms and Conditions of Entry

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392 Responses to “Hamilton Beach Breadmachine Giveaway”

  1. sarah youssef

    I would love win the hamilton beach bread machine or any of your wonderful items.

  2. Two of my children are special needs. One of them needs to go gluten-free. The entire family is going to do this with her. We’re new to the GF world and a little intimidated. I would love to win the machine and the GF bread mix gift set to get us started on this new adventure together!

  3. Being newly diagnosed with gluten intolerance, I would love the gluten-free bread mix gift set, please.

  4. Ashley Estrada

    Thank you for this giveaway! If I win I’d like the Gluten Free set please. :0)

  5. I was recently diagnosed with a gluten intolerance and would love, love, LOVE to have my own bread machine! Being the only person in my household on a gluten free diet, it is always a hassle to take the extra steps to make sure my meals are not accidentally contaminated with gluten. Having my own GF bread machine would make life so much easier! 🙂

  6. I would absolutely love to win the Bread Mix Gift Set! Bob’s Red Mill is the best! (Whether I win or not!)

  7. Please enter me for the Gluten Free Set! Would love to eat bread again. Would love to bake bread again too! Promise to put it to good use. Thanks for making great products.

  8. I would like the regular bread mix gift set. AND, thanks for having a contest that isn’t Facebook-only! I get so tired of those since I don’t do FB (yeah, I’m that one person left in the world! LOL)

  9. My house is also too cold much of the year for my old bread maker to work right, so I’d love to win one that works regardless of room temperature, along with the regular bread mix set.

  10. I would love to win the Hamilton Beach bread machine along with Bobs Red Mill gluten free bread mix gift set.

  11. Ingrid Boozer

    Hi BRM!! I am hoping and wishing to win the regular bread mix gift set. 🙂

  12. I abhor making pizza dough…this would make it SO MUCH EASIER!!! Regular gift set for me 🙂

  13. Rachel Foerstner

    I would love to win the regular bread mix! I make bread a few times a year, but have never used a bread machine!

  14. I would love to win the bread maker with the regular bread mix pack! I have the hardest time getting bread to rise since moving back to the Northwest…(in 2001).

  15. I love baking my own bread, and a new machine would be right up my alley. One with gluten free settings even better. I would love to win the bread maker with regular bread mix.

  16. I would LOVE a bread machine, have never owned one but now that Celiac has forced me to go GF, I would love to see how one works.

  17. Wow a gluten free setting! That’s awesome! Would love to have that since I’ve tried making gluten free bread on my machine with not so good results. Make mine Gluten Free please.

  18. I would love the Gluten Free Bread Mix!! Homemade bread, even gluten free, is so much better than store bought!!

  19. I am newly diagnosed as gluten intolerant. This machine and the gluten free pack would help me tremendously!

  20. Oh Man Bob this is such a cool machine! I would love to have it and the Gluten free kit!

  21. Denise Breslin

    Would absolutely love the Hamilton Beach Breadmachine. I have CFIDS, so low income and stuck home a lot. I would love to win the bread machine which would help me a lot. Can’t eat gluten, so a Gluten Free Starter Kit would be terrific. Thanks for all you do Bob.