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National Oatmeal Month and a Giveaway

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January is national oatmeal month. Did you know that more people eat oats in January than any other month? (At least, according to some sources.) I have trouble buying it based on how often we talk to our customers about eating oatmeal. I’ve always known our customers are special- they eat oats all year round, many almost every day!

Whether you’re a once-in-a-while oatmeal eater or the everyday sort, January is a great time to celebrate oatmeal! Most of us are already thinking about eating better and after spending almost 6 weeks indulging in holiday foods of every variety, oatmeal is good way to clean house.

Oats are not just delicious and soothing, but they also have some special qualities that provide incredible health benefits.  Oats have been proved to reduce cholesterol and they’re a great source of protein, dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.

Oats contain soluble fiber, which soaks up cholesterol in the intestines and prevents it from being absorbed, eventually carrying it out of the body. The body recognizes this decrease of cholesterol in the intestines and responds by pulling cholesterol out of the bloodstream to replace the cholesterol that was removed from the intestines (aren’t our bodies amazing sometimes?). As a result, the amount of cholesterol in the bloodstream goes down and so does the risk of heart disease!

If that’s not a good reason to enjoy oats, how about some of these?


In honor of National Oatmeal Month, I’m giving away an oat-themed gift pack to three lucky winners! Each gift pack will contain four of our favorite oat products! You have until midnight on January 21st, 2011 to enter.  Winners will be selected at random using Random.org and announced on January 24th.


Here is how to enter:

Mandatory: Leave a comment here, on the blog, telling us why you love oatmeal. It doesn’t have to be a love ballad, it can be simple.

For extra entries (you can do each of these only once, for a maximum of 5 entries including the mandatory entry): These can be posted here on the blog or on our facebook profile page (sorry, no tweets this time)

1 entry: Post a link to a recipe using oats that you think sounds delicious.
1 entry: Post an interesting fact about oats. It can be something about their nutritional benefits, how to use them, how they are grown, anything really.
2 entries: Write a haiku about oatmeal.

Go to it and celebrate oatmeal!

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287 Responses to “National Oatmeal Month and a Giveaway”

  1. Oatmeal is so versatile…I eat it for breakfast, I put it in pancakes, waffles, breads, cookies…I could eat it for almost any meal!

  2. I eat oatmeal almost every morning. I particularly love the BRM steel-cut oats. Milk, maple syrup… it hardly ever makes it from the pot to the bowl. (I have to use special spoons to avoid ruining my non-stick pot.) I used to drive to work every morning with the pot in my lap! It’s such an entrenched ritual it’s almost embarrassing to think about, much less admit online.

    Also, some of my favorite baking recipes involve soaking oats in buttermilk overnight… muffins and pancakes – mmmmm!

  3. I live in Bend, but never miss an opportunity to visit your wonderful store when I travel to the Portland area. I commonly leave with several bags of products, and something I NEVER leave without, is a huge bag of your bulk Steel Cut Oats. Simply the best … my go-to, almost every day breakfast. If it gets any better, I don’t want to know about it!

  4. My recipe is simple.

    I put one or two servings into an oven safe corning dish, and slow bake it for about 30-40 minutes at about 275-300 degrees.

    Then I serve it with a few splashes of unsweetened coconut milk and tsp of raw honey.

  5. I make steel cut oats with a bit of sugar in the crock pot. I then freeze them in single size servings. I take them to work, heat in the microwave an eat my breakfast at work.

  6. Interesting fact according to wikipedia:
    “Oatmeal caudle, made of ale and oatmeal with spices, was a traditional British drink and a favorite of Oliver Cromwell.”

  7. Oh how I Heart Oatmeal..let me count the ways…
    1. for your heartiness fills my soul (& stomach)
    2. warm creamy delight on a cold morning
    3. makes every recipe that much better

  8. Melissa O'Reilly

    O-Out of this world tasty.
    A-Always easy to fix.
    T-Tastes like heaven on a spoon.
    M-Mix in your favorite fruits.
    E-Eat, Eat, Eat.
    A-Ask for seconds.
    L-Living healthy with oatmeal!

  9. Melissa O'Reilly

    I love oatmeal because it is healthy and filling. I’m not starving before the next meal time.

  10. found out that oats were thought of as a weed back thousands of years ago. They grew within other crops.

    and oats contain more soluble fiber than any other grain.

  11. I love oatmeal simply because it tastes great! Add a little cinnamon, butter, maybe some maple syrup and you have the absolute best breakfast, lunch, snack and/or dinner! My go to midnight snack on many an occasion 😉

  12. Oatmeal rocks because it is cheap, healthy and filling, and you can have it for breakfast on its own, lunch or dinner in a veggie burger recipe or dessert in a cookie or crisp. Yum!

  13. I love oats because of their versatility! Because they are good for us, they’re cheap, they’re filling!

  14. My boys and I love oatmeal for breakfast, especially in the winter. It’s so hearty and heartwarming.

    I also make an awesome oatmeal bread that rocks!

  15. Lianne Vernava Belkas

    I love oatmeal because it reminds me of winters at grandmother’s house and it lowers my cholesterol.

  16. Oatmeal is a comforting breakfast that warms me up after doing my morning farming chores. Nothin’ quite like it!

  17. Rebecca Bochenek

    Just got a great deal on 25# of Bob Mill’s Gluten free oats at Harvest Health food store. Going to soak it and then add soaked nuts and seeds and dehydrate it with date paste and cinnamon to make Raw Granola!!!! Thanks Bob!

  18. Sometimes I simply am in awe of the nutritional value of your stone cut oats. Made up 1/3 of a cup (dry) with almonds, cinnamon and real maple syrup. Had 1 half fresh grapefruit and a half cup of plain yogurt, then went out in 27 degrees for a 5+ hr. ride on the CX bike on dirt roads with 5,000 ft. of climbing. Took in 300 calories per hour with bulk maltrin supplemented with electrolytes. No hunger knock, no bonk and sweet consistent power all day. Stone cut oats? Don’t leave home without yours.

  19. I have been alternating between eating the gf oats and the Mighty Tasty Hot Cereal. Both are awesome. I am so grateful there is something like this out there, because when I found out I was gluten intolerant, my first question was about what I would eat for breakfast. I was happy to find that not only could I eat breakfast still (!), but that it is so darn delicious.
    When I eat the gf oatmeal, I like to eat it with a little honey, almond milk, cinnamon, and raisins or a banana. Yum.

  20. Sometimes I simply am in awe of the nutritional value of your steel cut oats. Made up 1/3 of a cup (dry) with almonds, cinnamon and real maple syrup for breakfast. Had 1 half fresh grapefruit and a half cup of plain yogurt, then went out in 27 degrees for a 5+ hr. ride on the CX bike on dirt roads with 5,000 ft. of climbing. Took in 300 calories per hour with bulk maltrin supplemented with electrolytes. No hunger knock, no bonk and sweet consistent power all day. Steel cut oats? Don’t leave home without yours.

  21. I love oatmeal for a bunch of reasons!
    1. Health benefits
    2. Taste
    3. Versatility
    4. Stickinyerstomachness

    We buy both regular thick cut oats and Scottish oats, but we only buy Bob’s!

  22. Great recipe that I just tried this morning:
    Regular thick cut oatmeal cooked with a package of Peeled Snacks dried mango and one of dried pineapple.
    Then I topped it with a sprinkling of ginger.
    I was out of shredded coconut or I would have sprinkled this on top too.

    My husband poured a splash of coconut milk on his.

  23. Oats are good. Bob’s oats are great!

    Scottish oats in the morning with milk, honey and almonds. Steel-cuts in cookies. Meusli soaked for a while as a late-night snack.

    Oatmeal is my hot cereal of choice. I can’t think of a better way to get fiber and health with my energy!

  24. I love Bob’s steel cut oats! It’s a healthy, filling, and delicious breakfast choice that keeps me going until lunch. Thanks for making such great products!

  25. Oatmeal, oatmeal, good to eat,
    With maple syrup, such a treat.
    Cinnamon and raisins too,
    Not a haiku but ’twill do.

    Go, Bob’s Red Mill!

  26. I love it because it’s like a blank canvas…you can paint it with whatever delicious flavorful ingredients you want, sweet, spicy or savory. It’s healthy, warm and always-comforting food for any time in my day!

  27. I love the texture and taste of oatmeal. My dad ate oatmeal for breakfast everyday and told me that it was soothing to the stomach. “Eat oatmeal everyday and you’ll never get ulcers”, he said.

    I don’t know how true that it is, but I have always found oatmeal to be very soothing — it’s comfort food to me. 🙂