NEW Gluten Free 1-to-1 Baking Flour {Giveaway}

by Cassidy Stockton in Contests, Gluten Free

Do you ever just wish someone would make gluten free baking easier? That there was a simple product swap that could replace wheat flour without having to keep 5 different flours and starches on hand? That you could just take the guesswork out of how much xanthan gum to use? Good news! We are excited to say that our newest addition to our gluten free product line can do just that.


Gluten Free 1-to-1 Baking Flour

Gluten Free 1-to-1 Baking Flour | Bob's Red Mill

endless possibilities, one easy solution

I think all of our gluten free products are winners, but this one is my new favorite. It’s so easy to use- just swap wheat flour with this blend cup for cup and follow the original recipe as instructed. You will bake some pretty stellar baked goods and tasters will be hard pressed to tell the difference. We even did some blind taste tests around with none the wiser. That’s a pretty good test, in my opinion.

This flour combines finely ground brown rice flour, sweet white rice flour, whole grain sorghum flour, potato starch, and tapioca flour with a touch of xanthan gum—just enough xanthan gum to create chewy cookies and springy muffins. The protein in the sorghum flour helps give baked goods an almost wheat-like texture and aids in browning, for those times you need a perfectly golden brown chocolate chip cookie.

We hope you will enjoy this new product as much as we do. To celebrate our newest addition, we’re giving away a package of this blend to five lucky winners. Follow the prompts below to enter. We’ll select five winners at random from all who enter by 11:59 pm on 7/6/14. We’re working to get this product on shelves as soon as possible, so if you don’t see it at your local store, ask them to bring it in. In the meantime, you can grab a bag at for $4.95.

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68 Responses to “NEW Gluten Free 1-to-1 Baking Flour {Giveaway}”

  1. I’m very excited to try this but I’m curious if there is any trace of dairy? We have severe dairy allergies at our house and cannot use other 1-1 brands because they have dairy products in them. Just curious! Thanks!

    • Dani,

      No, there is no dairy in this mix and no dairy used in our gluten free facility at all. We opted to use whole grain sorghum flour to achieve similar (though we think better) results than milk powder.

  2. charlene mitchell

    I just want to say a big thank you for all the different gluten free products you create. It has made my life so much easier when preparing meals for my daughter.

  3. I wish I had known about this and I would have purchased some for our vacation time! This will be an awesome item of convenience! Thank you!

  4. I love these Bob’s Red Mill gf products and use them all the time. I can’t wait to get this 1 to 1 flour and try it. I’m sure it will be a great addition to his line of already fantastic items. Yay!!!

  5. Any chance you will come up with a flour blend that does not contain rice flour? Allergies to wheat, rice and nuts limit our baking. We use your garbanzo bean flour for most things, but it doesn’t work that well in cakes…

    • At this time, our gluten free all purpose flour is our blend that does not contain rice. I will pass along the suggestion to create a blend without rice or beans.

  6. I love Bob’s Red Mill products!! They’re amazing!! I can’t wait to try this!! It sounds fabulous!!

    • Not yet, but we are enrolled in the Non GMO Project and hope to have this product verified soon. Turns out it’s a really long bureaucratic process to go from enrolled to verified.

  7. I have 2 boys with autism and the GF diet is what helped unlock speech for my youngest. I now run a nonprofit and many of our families observe a gluten-free diet. In fact, I now teach classes on it. This is a product I have been waiting for, and I simply cannot wait to try it! Thanks to Bob’s Red Mill for always having great, high quality products for families like mine to enjoy!

  8. Looking for Grain free alternatives. We have eliminated grains also to do “low carb, high fat, high protein”. Works great for glucose levels for diabetics! Love your products!

  9. A lot of Bob’s Red Mill products are good, and I hope this one follows. Just need to be able to get it in my little town’s stores. . .Or maybe I’ll just try the online purchase. . .

  10. Will this mix work as a cup for cup substitute in bread recipes as well. That is the true test of a gluten free all purpose blend, is if I can make bread not just cookies and cake.

  11. There are no special prompts to follow visible on my browser, so I hope this suffices.
    I just visited your physical store for the first time recently and went crazy shopping! It is amazing!

    • This is a brand-new product, so it’s not likely in your stores yet. It should be in stock where ever you find your gluten free products in a few month. For now, you can buy it on our website.

  12. Hi, someone asked about whether this could be used with breads. Your answer was “We have not had a lot of success with breads. You would need to add additional xanthan gum to create a yeasted bread with this mix.”

    That answer begs the question :) Does the answer mean that if all I have to do is use some additional xanthan gum, this blend IS a good flour to use for yeasted breads? How about for use to make pizza crusts?

    • Dave,

      We are experimenting with adding more xanthan gum for bread baking with very good success. I just did not have that information at the time of the question. I don’t have a ratio for you right now, but we are working on it and if you want to experiment on your own, we’d love to hear how it comes out for you.

  13. Hi, I pirchased the 1:1 flour mix today, will be giving it a try with baking powder bisquits on Christmas morning, but… I have one question… I have been reading that whe you use GF flour you should spoon the flour into your cup and level off, not scoup the measuring cup into the flour and then level off…. Which is going to give me the best results with this flour mix..
    Thanks for your help.

    • Sheri,

      We use the scoop and level method in our test kitchen with fabulous results. I think your biscuits will turn out just great with that flour. For good results, I recommend the recipe on the package- it’s tried and true.

  14. Hi again! well we did not get to the baking on Christmas eve, but did take on a Basil, Roasted Red Pepper cornbread this evening, a recipe from the internet with FANTASTIC results. It was a first time attempting to go with a straight substitute 1:1 to the ingredients. The recipe is a keeper and so is Bob’s 1:1… I love this flour mix, it made a beautiful light fluffy cornbread. I am not sure where the negative reviews have come from on this flour mix because this stuff does exactally what you want it to do. I am new to Gf baking and have had so so results, truthfully, not great results, well that was UNTIL NOW! This flour mix delivers, I cannot wait to start baking again, all my favourites, no more weighing, mixing measuring, this is AWESOME.

  15. I’m wondering if you’ve done any more experimenting with pizza crust? I am new to GF baking and would love to make pizza for my family.

  16. Hi Cassidy,
    Please, please tell Bob and all the employees “THANK YOU!!!” for creating this 1 to 1 gluten free flour. Years sgo, I use to bake from scratch all the time, but stopped a while back due to gluten issues. Just found this flour and I am amazed at the quality of this product. MY COOKIES TURNED OUT AWESOME!!! … PERFECT !!! … Thank you so much … now my whole family is doing gluten free. I’ll be posting photos of the food and the coming rave reviews from all I foods that will use this product. I’m looking forward to this flour coming out for bread. Just can’t say this enough … THANK YOU!!!
    Julie … San Diego, CA

  17. Hi

    Have you made any new discoveries with your 1to1 gf baking flour with yeasted breads as of yet?
    Any new recipies we can get from you for this flour?


  18. Hi, I’m baking using by weight. May I know how many grams a cup should I use for your recipe that is in the package? Thank you!

  19. I have a GF recipe for cookies that uses xanthan gum. If I want to use the 1:1 product, how much xanthan gum should I leave out? I guess what I’m asking is: how much xanthan gum does it have per cup, so I can adjust my recipes so they have the right amount? (and if that’s a trade secret, then I guess I’ll just experiment)

    • You should be able to use the blend in the cookie recipe and leave out all of the xanthan gum the recipe calls for, however it works out to less than a 1/4 tsp per cup of flour. Many folks have been swapping this flour blend into regular recipes with spectacular results.

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