Nutty about Nut Flours {Giveaway}

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It’s terrible, I know. I just couldn’t help myself. Nut flours have been very popular lately on blogs and recipe sites. We’ve noticed that almost everyone is trying almond meal these days, although what they’re doing with it is pretty varied. Some people are making decadent desserts, like French macarons and frangipane, while others are using it to cut back on carbohydrate consumption. Still others are trying to mix it up a bit and use it as a more nutritious alternative to bread crumbs in their cooking. Recipes using almond meal.

Coconut flour has also become very popular with bakers and low-carbers, alike. It’s a little more tricky to add into your baking, but that isn’t stopping people from experimenting. From lighter versions of favorite baked goods to savory cooking applications, coconut flour is bringing new inspiration into kitchens. Due to its high fiber content, coconut flour absorbs a lot of liquid. Older recipes using coconut flour often call for obscene amounts of eggs. As more bloggers and recipe developers experiment with it, the recipes are changing to call for alternative liquids and not relying so heavily on eggs. Recipes using coconut flour.

Did you know we also make hazelnut meal? It can be used in the same way as almond meal, but will give you a different flavor profile. Unlike almond meal, hazelnut meal is ground from whole hazelnuts with the skins intact. It might not be as light and pretty as almond meal, but it’s equally as tasty. Recipes using hazelnut meal.


Whether you just want to try something new or are trying out a diet, these flours are a fun way to get creative in the kitchen. To celebrate these wonderful ingredients, we’re giving away three gifts sets containing one each of Coconut Flour, Hazelnut Meal and Almond Meal. All three of these flours are gluten free, but can be enjoyed by everyone.

To Enter:

In the comments, tell us what you do with Almond Meal, Hazelnut Meal or Coconut Flour? Never used it? Tell us what you want to do with it. Be sure to use the Rafflecopter app below to enter. Leave a comment and click on “I did this” in the app. We’ll select three winners using this app from all those who enter by 12:01 am on Tuesday, January 8th.

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255 Responses to “Nutty about Nut Flours {Giveaway}”

  1. I make chocolate chip cookies with almond meal! Oil free, gluten free, and delicious- my indulgence of choice. Also, its the secret ingredient in my apple crisp! (gluten free, but never even had it mentioned. A 13×9″ pan of it is easily gone at any party!)

  2. I use almond flour in pumpkin cupcakes. My kids love these! I can hardly keep them in the house. I also toss in ground flax seed. Super nutritious and yummy!

  3. I have used almond flour and coconut flour in different baked goods (cookies, cakes, muffins), with mostly success, although one major fail. I have not tried the hazelnut flour yet, but I’d love to!

  4. I actually like to use almond flour as part of my gluten-free baking projects/experiments. However, I have not yet tried the Coconut or Hazelnut flours. I will keep a look out for these the next time I am grocery shopping.

  5. I make fried chicken with an almond flour breading, and I’d love to try making a key lime pie with a coconut flour crust! The hazelnut flour sounds even better, so Oregonian, and I bet it would be delicious in something chocolate.

  6. We just recently started Paleo eating. Coconut flour is awesome and can’t wait to try Almond flour! Winning this giveaway would be a great help. Thanks for the chance to win!

  7. i make cookies, biscuits , bread out of coconut flour and almond flour. oh yeah pancakes too!

  8. We make a gluten-free, yeast-free, corn-free bread out of almond meal. It is yummy! We make coconut blondies, & chicken fingers using coconut flour. We have not used hazelnut flour yet, but I would love to try using it to make some biscotti, if I win! Thank you!

  9. I’ve never used any of these flours, but I am very curious and would be interested in using them in baked goods that I could share with my gluten-free friends.

  10. I have heard a lot about these flours, but have yet to experiment with them! I’d love to make fresh bread or muffins with them and start my mornings with healthier options!

  11. Haven’t tried to use the nut flours yet but I have thought about it. I guess I haven’t found the right recipe.

  12. I make delicious pancakes with coconut flour and my favorite thumbprint cookies with almond meal– dying to play with hazelnut meal!!

  13. my 10 yr old and I both suffer from celiac but he also suffers from type 1 diabetes. I would love to try these but flours in my baked goods as I am sure they may result in lower blood sugars for him! high protein and fiber usually yield good blood sugars for diabetics!

  14. I’ve recently started watching what I eat, both in terms of quantity and quality, in an effort to lower my weight and reduce body fat. I would use these flour alternatives to create healthier versions of many foods that, for the time being at least, I’ve either had to avoid altogether or eat only sparingly … and anything that provides a higher ratio of protein relative to carbs would be a welcome addition to my diet.

  15. I have used the almond flour and coconut flour to bake several things. Would love to try the hazelnut flour.

  16. Brenda Marshall Nichols

    I roll chicken in Almond Meal before baking. I’ve replaced the flour in brownies with it.

  17. I am now a senior, doctor says I need to get serious about my diet. The senior group I belong to has not tried any of these flours, nor have I. We would surely love to receive the gift package to try and share with those we love and care for.

  18. I use almond meal and coconut flour for waffles and pancakes mostly. Muffins and bread when I have the time. I’ve never tried the hazelnut but I bet it’s just as delicious!

  19. I never knew any if these existed! I would love to try and make oatmeal (almond meal?) raisin cookies. Also : pancakes!!

  20. I have never tried these before but really want to in order to reduce our grain consumption. I would use these flours to bake with!

  21. i know that with these three flours I will be able to make almost any recipe that uses wheat flour a gluten-free recipe!

  22. I’ve used almond meal in gluten free baking before and it’s delicious! I’ve heard great things about coconut flour as well, but the hazelnut sounds the most delicious!

  23. We have made coconut chocolate chip cookies with almond flour. They were delicious and fairly simple to make

  24. I used the almond meal in my chocolate chip cookie recipe. I haven’t tried the coconut flour or the hazelnut meal flour.

  25. I’ve been using your almond flour since I went gluten free. Would love to try your other products!

  26. I bought almond meal and coconut flour to try out a homemade grape-nuts recipe I found online. Which reminds me, I haven’t made it yet. Gotta run!

  27. I would love to try baking and cooking with these flours to reduce the amount of gluten in my diet. Thank you!

  28. I use a lot of almond flour. I like to bread fish with it and mix it into meringue batters. It’s a wonderful flour substitute for Passover. I used some of your coconut flour in my regular bread recipes; I substituted about 1/2 cup for regular flour to experiment. I didn’t add extra liquid. It added a subtle sweetness to the bread–good! I haven’t tried hazelnut flour, but I think it would be good with chocolate. Maybe in a cake…

  29. I have never tried any of them, but I am thinking maybe biscotti!
    Meanwhile, I’m ordering Cracked Wheat. So glad I found you online!

  30. I love to use almond meal in place of flour in pie crust, mmmm good! I haven’t used coconut or hazelnut, but would love to use the coconut in a pineapple upside down cake (making it a pinacolada cake) and make hazelnut biscotti’s to dip in my morning coffee.