October Unprocessed 2012 {Giveaway}

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As the days grow shorter and the nights cooler, Fall loom foremost in my mind. With Fall comes hot soups and fresh apples, the harvest moon and pumpkin-flavored confections, and, of course, October Unprocessed with Eating Rules. In it’s third year, October Unprocessed again asks us to reevaluate how we eat and see if we can cut back on the processed junk so readily available at grocery stores and restaurants nationwide.

October Unprocessed challenges us to spend all 31 days of October eating mindfully, tempting us to choose whole foods instead of amalgamations of chemicals and fillers. The challenge is certainly not for everyone, but many of us at the mill have found it to be a refreshing change of pace and a surprisingly enlightening food experience. Personally, I was surprised at how often (and how easily) processed foods came across my plate with no thought at all on my part.

What does “unprocessed” mean in this challenge? To quote Andrew from Eating Rules, “Unprocessed food is any food that could be made by a person with reasonable skill in a home kitchen with whole-food ingredients. He calls this the “Kitchen Test.”

The point of this challenge is not to rise to the top of your social circle playing the “I’m a food saint” game, but to eat consciously and mindfully. There are some foods that will be near impossible to cut out of your life that probably don’t pass the kitchen test. The goal is to make that choice deliberately and know that you are choosing to include that food. Of course, mistakes will happen and that’s okay too. (Try eating out and avoiding white sugar and white flour for a month!) You’re your own judge in this game and the grand prize is a higher awareness of what you eat every day.

We challenge you to join us in October Unprocessed. Join the fun at EatingRules.com, where Andrew will have guest posts and recipes all month to inspire and help you on this journey.

{Giveaway} – This contest is now closed.

To inspire you, I’m giving away three gift packs—that means three lucky winners. Each winner will get to select four Bob’s Red Mill® brand products (excluding bulk sizes) of their choosing. Of course, these have to be unprocessed whole foods (don’t worry, we’ll help steer you in the right direction).

How to enter:

There is only one way to be entered and only one entry per person. Head over and take the October Unprocessed pledge. Then, report back to us here and let us know that you took the challenge in the comments section on this blog post. I will select the three winners from all who take the challenge (and tell us about it) by 11:59 pm on 9/30/12.


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85 Responses to “October Unprocessed 2012 {Giveaway}”

  1. I took the pledge! With a family of 6 on 1 income, I’d love to win this, it would help tremendously!

  2. Hi Andrew! I took the pledge last year and will do so again this year. I eat unprocessed all year long.

    Last year, I was one of the winners. 🙂

  3. I signed up for October Unprocessed the day Andrew announced it. I think this is a wonderful way to pay attention to what we eat.

  4. Took the pledge! Six weeks into the process of clean eating … learning a lot and trying many new recipes. Working on convincing my teenagers this is a good thing!

  5. This is my second challenge, but the first since we had to strike gluten from our diets last month. I hope to learn a lot this next month!

  6. I’ve already got the organic, local fruits and veggies in place with a CSA now onto the rest of the plan. Of course with both a vegetarian and a carnivore plus 2 other “fussies” it will be a challenge.

  7. Love these challenges! We are seven in the house, and I’ve been redirecting our eating habits to stop including processed foods. The kids are so far on board! It’s all about homemade goodness! We all took the pledge. 🙂