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It’s Thursday afternoon and the weather is beautiful here in Portland. The kind of weather that makes you want to run outside and ride a bike, walk a dog, or plant a garden. While the weather may be lovely here, it might not be quite as nice in your little part of the world. No matter, we’re bringing a little sunshine your way with a contest. Here are the rules to particpate:

1. Take a picture of you doing your favorite sunny day activity and tell us how Bob’s Red Mill can help fuel that activity. It can be whatever you like- relaxing with a good book in the shade, climbing a mountain, working in the yard, whatever. It can even be a picture from the last time it was sunny- we won’t hold you accountable for your local weather.

2. Send your entries to us at and tell us whether you would like a whole grain gift pack or a gluten free gift pack. Be sure to include your name, address, phone number and email. We promise that your personal information will stay private.

We will select five winners and send each winner a gift pack of four items of our choice. Be forewarned, your story will show up on this blog if it wins.

That’s it. You have until Monday, April 20th at 5 pm. Go!
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