Winner of The Gloriously Gluten Free Cookbook

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Spicing Up Life with Italian, Asian and Mexican Recipes

Thank you to everyone who participated in our giveaway and told us about the gluten free dishes they find the most challenging. Ravioli topped the list and I have to admit that ravioli is a challenge for all of us, or at least all of home-cooks. Those of us who can eat gluten do have the luxury of buying fresh or frozen ravioli, but I’ve personally tried to make them from scratch and ended up with fat dough balls that were barely edible.

Once again, the fabulous Gluten Free Girl, Shauna, has rescued us with a recipe that looks fairly straightforward.  Fried chicken, tempura and gnocci also made the list. A recipe for each of these can be found in Maltin’s book.

The winner of our contest is Krissi. For those of you who did not win, Maltin’s book can be purchased on, and will be available through in October. For more from Vanessa Maltin, visit her site Celiac Princess. Thanks for participating!

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