Winners: GF Macroons & Pearl Couscous

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Wow! It’s really fun to give away all these goodies, but geez, picking names is hard!! Even if I do let make the choices for me, I truly do wish I had a prize for all of you. I’m probably one of those folks who would give ribbons out to all race participants just for participating. But until Bob gives me a bigger prize budget- LOL- you’ll have to settle for taking chances.

Here are the winners:

Gluten Free Macroons:

Ashley Megan: Gift Set #2


Veronica Franco: Gift Set #2

I was so happy to see how cute everyone thought these were. I’m sure Nicole from Cookies by Cartier will be pleased as well. I’ll be in touch with each of you to get your shipping addresses.

Tricolor and Whole Wheat Pearl Couscous Set:

1. Christine Kadra McDonough
2. Shelley Grosjean
3. Kristen Hansen
4. Jenni
5. Katie R.

For this one, I did count everyone who was unable to paste a link on Facebook.

Congrats to our winners! We have even more, even bigger giveaways coming up, so keep an eye here and be sure to enter. In fact, I think we’ve got one to announce tomorrow. As always, if I don’t hear from the winners within a week, we’ll pick new ones. I urge everyone to please, please read the instructions for entering thoroughly. I hate not including people because they didn’t follow the instructions or didn’t enter in time.

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