Winners of Barefoot Running

by Cassidy Stockton in Contests

It’s not very often that I have 12 of anything to give away, let alone 12 signed copies of a fabulous book! Well, guess what?? I found one more, so I get to pick 13 winners instead! Suits me fine, I’d give everyone a copy if I could.

Here are the winners, chosen at random from all who commented by 11:59 pm on 08/14.

  1. Kim B
  2. Jenni
  3. Jennifer J
  4. KR
  5. Veronica
  6. Heidi Howard
  7. Alisha
  8. Kristina
  9. Thomas Hayes
  10. Dawn
  11. Patrick
  12. Tom K
  13. Heather Cornbleth

Congrats to everyone who won! I’ll be following up via email later today. If I don’t hear back from a selected winner within 5 business days, I will choose a new one from the list of remaining entrants. Thank you for participating and I hope you enjoy the book. If you didn’t win, but still want to check out the book, head over to to order a copy.

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5 Responses to “Winners of Barefoot Running”

  1. oh and btw, I just found a new place to get ur products
    I saw them on sale at Big Lots! and picked up Bobs Red Mill high fiber waffle/pancake mix and a bag of the vegi soup mix for $3.50 each:)

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