Training Playlist from Joan

by Joan Hanscom in Cyclocross, Road Cycling, Train With Grain

Boo.  Trainer days are here awfully early this year. On today’s playlist my fetish for 1990’s electronica reveals itself:

  • Get the Party Started:  Shirley Bassey
  • First Impression:  Haik Naltchayan
  • Start House: Haik Naltchayan
  • Monaco: Haik Naltchayan
  • Love vs Hate: Gus Gus
  • Bird 1:  Underworld
  • Imperpetuem Mobila:  Patient Saints
  • Serpent’s Fruit: The Opus
  • Ignoring Pain: Haik Naltchayan
  • Baptism: Crystal Castles
  • Intimate: Crystal Castles
  • Not Going Home:  Faithless
  • Feel Me:  Faithless
  • Sun to Me:  Faithless
  • Dark and Long:  Underworld
  • Spoonman:  Underworld
  • Suburban Train:  Tiesto
  • Played –A-Live:  Safri Duo
  • The Rhythm of the Heat:  Peter Gabriel
  • Bilko:  Peter Gabriel
  • Lift Me Up:  Moby
  • Love Game:  Lady Gaga
  • Elements:  Danny Teneglia
  • Obsidian:  Banco de Gaia
  • Apollo:  Alan Parson’s Project
  • Dinosaur Adventure:  Underworld
  • Moaner:  Underworld
  • Time’s Running Out:  Cirrus

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