Julie from Marketing helps stage the table for a realistic picnic.

Behind the Scenes with Bob and Charlee

by Cassidy Stockton in Featured Articles

For the last two years, Bob’s Red Mill has released a desk calendar. We send it out to some of our friends and business partners as part of our holiday greeting in December. We don’t print very many and it’s likely you’ve never seen one. The last two years we featured great artwork and photography of our products and facility. This year we are doing something totally different and a bit more fun, if you ask me. We’re featuring our employees doing what they love. This is includes all sorts of things, after all, we’re a pretty eclectic group.  You’ll see folks doing what makes them passionate, everything from playing a round of golf to swing dancing!

We all know that Bob is passionate about stone milling, but he’s also very passionate about his other loves- his beautiful wife Charlee and his two Model-A Fords (Gertie and Clara). Here are some shots from his photo shoot last week.

Julie from Marketing helps stage the table for a realistic picnic.


Charlee and Bob are all smiles for the camera. You can see Gertie peaking out from behind them. She is Bob's convertable Model-A.

Aren't they something special? Still in love after 60 years!



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  1. I hope now that you have teased us with the desk calendar, you will be selling to the general public this year? Please 🙂

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