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Showing Love Through Food

by Cassidy Stockton in Featured Articles

Preparing food has long been a sign of love, whether it be for a single loved one or for a large gathering. Mother’s Day is right around the corner and I thought it was a lovely time to talk about the connection between love and food. I love my mother madly and wish I could cook her a delicious meal on Sunday.  She taught me to cook all those years go and, though we are separated by many miles, I can honor her by cooking food that is filled with love.

When I’m baking and cooking for loved ones,  I always feel like I’m infusing that food with love. You might not taste it, but if you’re astute you can tell when someone has infused their food with love—maybe a little more effort has been made or a special ingredient was used when a cheap alternative would have sufficed. Cooking can become a spiritual experience when you instill your passion into what you are creating.

Find a way to cook and bake with your heart. Not every meal has to be fancy and brimming with “feel goodery,” but find a special occasion (such as Mother’s Day *wink wink*)  to make your food sing true from your heart. It will make you feel good and your chosen recipient will feel your love in what you have created.

For those of you who feel unsure of how to make your food communicate your love, start with something really fun. There’s no harm in starting basic with something heart-shaped—sandwiches, cookies, pancakes and pizza are all easy to turn into hearts. Not a heart person? Strawberries, figs and chocolate are easy foods that can represent love.  Or try your hand at making a dish that will bring up warm memories for your recipients.

No matter how you do it or how often you do it,  let love inspire you in the kitchen.

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