Happy Birthday, Bob Moore!

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Today marks the 83rd birthday of our Founder and CEO, Bob Moore. Not only is 83 years a wonderful reason to celebrate, but I just found out that it marks his 40th year of stone milling. Now we have two reasons to celebrate. After all, if Bob never found his love of stone milling, Bob’s Red Mill wouldn’t exist. Bob and Charlee would probably be off traveling the world and pinching the cheeks of their great-grandchildren. Instead, Bob still pulls 8 hour days at the mill Monday through Friday making sure us “kids” are holding true to his dream. Sure, he still takes wonderful vacations and sometimes a long weekend, but for the most part he’s here every day doing his part to bring whole grains to the world.

We’re having a little party at our Whole Grain Store today and would love if you joined us to toast our founder. There will be Dixie-land music and freebies, cake and singing. Festivities run from noon to 2 pm, with speeches and cake cutting starting at 12:30 pm. We hope to see you there!

Whole Grain Store
5000 SE International Way
Milwaukie, OR 97222


P.S. Ever wanted to know more about Bob and how he got his start? Well, then, we have good news for you! Bob will be releasing a biography next month. We’ll have more details as the book launch grows closer.

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5 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Bob Moore!”

  1. Happy 83rd Birthday Bob!
    So sorry we missed your birthday party today. We will be there next year! You are a wonderful example of how it pays to eat healthy foods.
    It is a nice coincidence that it is your birthday because we were talking about you today at the Step It Up office, reading your catalog from our mill tour last summer with our teens, remembering your great singing and dancing abilities, and discussing plans to make reservations for another tour this coming summer!
    Our teens loved your products and especially the homemade soup so we want to share this experience with a new group!
    Will be out to join you for breakfast and a talk about youth career success soon. Can I make an appointment with you or just drop by?

    A very Happy Birthday to You. Best, Linda

  2. Hello,
    Happy 83 Years. I do use your products. I have chocolate cake mix in my cabinet . I’ll say a prayer for you all at red mill. Please say a hello for me to Charliee. Thank you for shareing the word of God⭐️

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