Francesca's favorite whole grain right now is Amaranth, she loves how crunchy it is and how it can be added to almost anything.

Introducing, Francesca Berrini!

by Cassidy Stockton in Featured Articles

Francesca Berrini at the Farm

Francesca Berrini at the Farm

During the month of December, we lost a member of our marketing team, Sue Gordy, to the wild state of Indiana. Sue moved back to her homeland to be near her family and we wish her lots of luck on her new adventures! As you know, the mill stops for no man, so our team scrambled to find a suitable addition to our department.

Enter: Francesca Berrini

Francesca is our new Marketing Administrative Assistant and helps keep us organized and pound out the many projects we have going on in this company. Francesca estimates that she’s been with Bob’s 7.6% of a year, but she has lived in Portland for approximately 5 years. Before Oregon, Francesca lived in Washington, Nevada, Rhode Island, California, Hawaii, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and New York! How’s that for variety?

Francesca likes to top her hot cereal with dried fruit, maple syrup (or honey) and salt. She was proud to say that she starter her day with rolled spelt, dried cherries, flaxseed, milk and maple syrup. When asked about her least favorite vegetable, Francesca told us, “I love all vegetables if they’re prepared properly. Okra can be hideous if done wrong. I used to be repulsed by Chick Peas as a child.”

Her ideal day involves an adventure with her husband, probably followed by her favorite dessert, Tiramisu. If she could have any superpower, she would pick “flying, even floating a little would be nice.” In her free time, she enjoys indulging her creative spirit, snowboarding, gardening, biking, and baking.

We’re happy to welcome Francesca to our team and we hope you will welcome her too.

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