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Please read our updated policy here.


With all of the attention swirling around genetically modified organisms (GMOs), we’ve been getting a heap of questions about our products and GMOs. Rest assured, at Bob’s Red Mill, we are committed to providing identity preserved products exclusively.

“Identity preserved” means that the seeds that were planted to grow our crops came from a non-GMO source. We work constantly with our farmers and suppliers to ensure that the ingredients we procure are non-GMO. In fact, each of our corn, rice, soy and flax suppliers is required to sign a statement which affirms that their ingredients come from non-GMO sources.

Planting identity preserved seed is just the first step in ensuring that products are non-GMO. That is why we have recently procured state-of-the-art testing equipment that allows us to begin our own in-house testing of our products. Our goal is to implement a testing protocol that is acute and prolific.

We hope you share our enthusiasm for keeping natural foods natural. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section.

To Your Good Health,

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*UPDATE: June 3, 2013

As purveyors of all-natural wheat, the articles published recently reporting the isolated discovery of GMO wheat in Oregon is an important issue for Bob’s Red Mill and we are taking it very seriously. Bob’s Red Mill maintains, as it has for over a decade, a strict policy which mandates that each and every one of our grain suppliers provide us with grain that was grown exclusively from Non-GMO seed. To support our policy, Bob’s Red Mill requires that each of our suppliers sign an agreement committing to comply with that policy.

In light of the report that GMO wheat was detected in Oregon, from where Bob’s Red Mill purchases only a relatively small amount of wheat, the company has begun the process of immediately contacting each of its Oregon wheat suppliers for confirmation that they only supply identity-preserved, non-GMO wheat.

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146 Responses to “Our Policy Regarding GMOs”

  1. Thanks for your diligence on GMOs. Sorry you have to deal with so many morons on this topic. Asked and answered people. Open your eyes and READ!

    • wanda haywortrh

      Bob; why are you even on a health conscience sight or buying the products is you don’t care about your health and GMO’s? You can buy cheap GMO flour for a nickel and a dime if you want to eat that crap. I think you are trying to discredit intelligent people. We have more intelligence than to be swayed by your COMMENT. Don’t waste your time here.

    • I understand what you meant, Bob. In just a few pages, I have seen the GMO question asked multiple times and each time it was given a thoughtful and thorough answer by a Bob’s representative. Kudos to the PR team on their patience with us all!

  2. Really looking forward to buying all of your products and recommending to many others who ask me for advice only once you are certified by the non gmo project. You are missing many potential sales in the meantime.

  3. Thank you for insuring that your products are not made from GMO grains. It has become a huge burden to find food (that we do not grow ourselves) that we can trust to feed our family.

  4. Awesome! you have my pocketbook for your products.

    Michael Hansen Ph.D., Consumer’s Union, with 20 years invested on the GMO debate. Dr. Hansen’s testimony in Olympia on the labeling of GMO foods:

    “Given the scientific uncertainties about the potential health impacts of GE foods, it is essential to label GE plants and animals so as to be able to track any potential adverse human health or nutritional impacts (no different from the current accounting to trace mad cow, botulism, E.coli, etc. to their source – JM). It will be very difficult for FDA or a doctor to identify the source of any unforeseen problem if they have no idea what GE foods a person is eating. For example, suppose a company decides to insert a synthetic gene, which codes for a modified protein, into corn and decides not to notify the FDA for currently acceptable reasons (i.e. the company thinks that the modification was “minor”). Suppose that the novel protein causes a strong but delayed (say by 24 hours) allergic reaction (e.g. serious rash, upset stomach, or anaphylactic shock) in some relatively small subset of the population.”

    Full testimony:

  5. Get those non-gmo descriptors on the label. All organic is non gmo but I recently purchased 10 grain cereal which is not organic so I wasn’t sure. Thanks for keeping it clean and honest!

  6. Hi ,
    I hope you can and will put GMO free labels on your corn products because I have not purchased them – without this information. I will and do purchase most of your products. The corn I miss – why isn’t it stated anywhere on the cornmeal or corn flour that it is GMO free?

  7. Linda Hoover, MS, RDN

    Please label your products “non-GMO” for the sake of so many who are seeking such products. And thank you so much for your dedication to produce only wholesome and pure products! May God continue to bless your work.

  8. I, too, am glad that you will soon be adding the non GMO label to your foods. Will your gluten free all purpose flour mix be labeled non GMO? Also, how about an organic version of the gluten free all purpose baking mix?

  9. Yeah, just yesterday put the bag of BRM grits back on the shelf because it didn’t say “Non-GMO” which lead me to come home and do a search on the subject.
    I’ve since gone back and purchased the product, but please – got that packaging changed ASAP. It’s very important.

  10. I recently watched Martha Stewart make polenta on tv and it looked so good I bought some of your corn polenta. I made it and it is delish!! Then I got to wondering about GMO corn and it led me to this blog. Thanks to you I can eat this when I want without any worries. I am eager to try more of your products. Thank you so very much for caring.

  11. I enjoyed this site, especially the photograph. :-) I appreciate the effort that Bob’s Red Mill is making to keep your customers GMO free. This is an extremely important issue. Thank you so much!

    • Yes. At Bob’s Red Mill, we have made a commitment to purchase only non-GMO grains. All of our products are made from ingredients that were grown from identity-preserved, non-GMO seed. For more information about our GMO policy, please call our customer service team: 1-800-349-2173.

  12. Is the whole grain brown rice flour, stone ground, grown w/o the use of pesticides and herbicides? Our stores do not carry organic. Thank you.

    • Our regular whole grain brown rice flour is grown using standard farming practices. Unfortunately, we are unable to determine which specific chemicals, if any, are used on the conventionally grown products we sell. I can tell you for sure that the farmers must demonstrate safe agricultural practices in accordance to USDA law to work with us. If you are concerned about chemicals being used on crops, I would recommend that you purchase only certified organic products.

  13. Is your high fiber oat bran non-gmo? I’m not sure which category it would fall under in our products as it’s not a grain, soy, or corn. Thank you.

  14. This information is all a bit misleading. It’s commendable that you source corn that was grown from non-GMO seed – but this does not rule out the possibility of cross-contamination through pollen drift from GMO corn.

    Conventional BRM corn products therefore cannot claim to be “non-GMO” – only sourced from corn grown from non-GMO seed.

    Keep up the good work, however, and please – work for certification and offer more organic products!

  15. I was shopping at our local Raley’s Supermarket searching for non-GMO cornmeal. I found your package labeled “organic” but was unable to find anything that indicated it was made from non-GMO seed. According to your website all your products are non-GMO. I would feel more assured to have the labeling on your packages indicating “non-GMO” as well as “organic.” In this day and age it must be difficult sticking to God’s original design for the food we eat. Thank you for your efforts.

  16. How soon will you label ALL products with “Non-GMO” labels on them this year? We will not buy until it’s done. When is that happening this year? Thank you!

    • We have started the process. It will take a long time to have each product labeled, but we have products in the submission stage right now. We will make an announcement when the labeling changes start to go into effect.

  17. Do you guys Import your Millet from Asia (Japan)? If so Japan, what precautions have you taken, in regards to the Fukushima fallout, to assure the grains you import and sell, are safe to consume?

  18. This is exciting to see you go with non-GMO labeling!!!
    PLEASE make all your gluten free stuff non-GMO as well.
    I can’t wait to make your gf cornbread and see that non-GMO label!!
    I am a nutritionist and will be recommending your food now knowing it’s non-GMO.
    This country needs to stand firm in this commitment to keep our food clean.

  19. I appreciate your committment to the use of non-gmo sources in your products! I was thrilled to find that you make corn masa harina, but was a little unsure of whether it is confirmed as being non-GMO. I was even more thrilled when a Whole Foods Representative called your customer hotline today, on my behalf, to ask about your GMO policy, only to find out that Bob’s Red Mill is in the process of labeling its products as non-GMO, and in the process of becoming Non-GMO-Project certified.

    If your labeling and certification does happen within the next year or so, as you’ve communicated, rest assured that you have my lifetime customer loyalty, as well as that of my family, friends….and anyone else that I can recommend you to.

  20. Bryan Beattie

    Would like to see you products labeled organic and. non GMO so I could trust your
    Product. I have used your Chia. Seeds but disappointed. In. Poor labelling .
    Health should higher on the list than profits.
    It would Be nice if a company with your stature. Attend the Monsanto march.
    I am very pleased with Willow Creek certified 100% Organic. Flax seed.
    That is the kind of labelling I would like to see .
    I. Hope to become a very regular customer.

  21. Until the day arrives when Bob’s Red Mill is “certified” GMO FREE … I will have to purchase similar GMO FREE “certified” products elsewhere. Bob, I hope to return someday as a devout customer, as I think your products were really great and innovative but the latest GMO research has become so disturbing (to say the least) that I cannot continue to roll the dice on GMO’s against my family’s quality of health.

  22. Hurrah! Thanks, Cass! I was confused about Bob’s products being non-gmo because it was not specified on the label. Now I am all set!
    Beautiful baby Graham!
    xx Susie

  23. My question was about this new term “Identity preserved” being used instead of the general term GMO. Is this being done to not upset the general agricultural industry using GMO’s. Or to not put as much emphasis on the GMO debate in large by changing the understood language.

  24. I was purchasing Bob’s products exclusively. Loved the Flaxseed, Steel Cut Oats but will now hold off UNTIL you are verified as Non-GMO……i believe this is essential for my familys health.

  25. Ashley Bonniwell

    With all the fuss lately about toxic heavy metals contaminating protein powders, I am wondering about your hemp protein. What is the heavy metal content in the hemp? My husband eats a lot of this protein and is gaining huge muscles so we love it but with all this fuss I just want to make sure he is not getting heavy metal toxicity.

  26. All I can say is THANK YOU for your products and also for selling them at a price I can afford!!!

  27. I hesitant to purchase any more of your products unless they are labeled non-gmo. It’s the only way that your customers will have complete confidence in the products they are receiving. I’ll be returning the packs of popcorn that i purchased to Amazon until the packaging affirms Bob’s non-gmo claim.


  28. Hi, I was brought up on oats. In the early 50’s. I have not found any oats that is even close to the real thing. What happened to creamy and taste?

  29. Hi. I ask for all concerned. Has Bob’s RM Flaxseed meal been tested for heavy metals? Recently read that most flax meal, in general, is contaminated with high levels of lead and cadmium.

  30. Please label your products Non GMO so people will know while shopping and thank you for keeping it clean!!!
    So hard to find Non GMO foods these days. To your advantage to put label on!!!

    Thank you so much.

  31. Your TVP is it made the same way as soy protein isolate? Fragile soy proteins are exposed to high temperatures during processing in order to make soy protein isolate and textured vegetable protein, making them unsuitable for human digestion???

    Thanks for any information you can give me. Somedays it feels like you just can’t eat anything anymore!! ;-)

    • From what I can tell, it’s a chemical process, not a heating process. Hexane is used to extract the protein from the soy beans. If you are concerned about this, I highly recommend our TSP, which is a water-based process.

  32. I was going to purchase your vital wheat gluten today but changed my mind because it isn’t organic. I’m an extremely devoted organic consumer. I also don’t see non-GMO labeling yet. Will you ever offer an organic VWG (it’s amazingly impossible to find! and I can’t figure out why when there are so many organic versions of most everything nowadays) and when does your non-GMO labeling take full effect? From the comments I’ve read, it seems this process has been under way for some time. Shouldn’t it be obvious by now? I’m wondering how old the products on the shelves are if they don’t show non-GMO.

    • Jodie,

      At this time, we are not able to offer organic vital wheat gluten. As you know, it’s incredibly difficult to find. It is simply not available in enough quantity and would be so expensive for our customers, that we just aren’t pursuing it right now. The Non-GMO Project is a wonderful group, but one that has far more requests for participation than resources to deal with those requests. We’ve been enrolled for almost a year and are just starting to get our products verified. It’s a slow process, but we are working diligently to get everything verified. Once items become verified, we will begin adding the logo to our packaging. You can view a list of items that have been verified here: As you can see, it’s only one item to date, but, I assure you, it’s not for lack of effort on both sides. It’s just a slow process.

  33. If you are “non-gmo” verified then why aren’t any of the products labeled so? After all, labelling something non-gmo would be in the best interest of your company especially with the type of clientele your products attract.

    • Kelsey,

      We are in the process of adding this to our labels. We are enrolled, but each product has to be verified individually. With over 400 products, it will take us some time. We are adding it to packaging as each product is officially verified by the Non-GMO Project. It’s just a slow process, but we fully intend to label everything with the Non-GMO Project label. Thank you for your patience.

  34. Hi and thanks for the opportunity to comment on this site.
    I have been conscious of what I eat since I was a teen in the 70’s, when genetically modified foods first began to appear. From what I have learned over the years about them I am aghast that the American public is not in an outrage about this issue.
    I eat all organic and non-GMO labeled foods except when it is not possible, (restaurants or at someone’s home, etc.) so here are my questions for you guys and gals at Bob’s Red Mill:
    – How can you take a signed statement from a producer as proof that they are providing you with non-GMO grains when we all know that people are likely to lie when there is money to be made?
    – Secondly, if in fact you are using non-GMO grains in your products, why don’t your labels plainly state that?
    I think your testing of grains to see if they are GMO strains is a good one, but if you are doing the right things, then please make it plain to us, the consumer and put it on your labels. Don’t keep it a secret unless you have a secret to keep, in which case I’ll just buy something else.

    • Pete,

      Thank you for sharing your concerns with us. Please check out our updated policy here: As you will see, we are enrolled in the Non-GMO Project and, if you visit their site, you will see that our products have been slowly, but surely been verified. It’s an incredibly slow process to get through. As we get our products verified, you will start seeing the Non-GMO Project logo on our packages to ensure you that these products are, indeed, non-GMO. As far as our suppliers, you raise a good point. We have long-standing relationships with suppliers who value non-GMO as much as we do. Not all farmers and suppliers are readily switching to GMO crops. We do not work with suppliers who do not share our commitment. You seem well-educated on the topic, so I am sure that you know that there are only a few crops that are even available as non-GMO at this time. Corn and Soy are the top offenders. Many grains and beans are not even available as genetically modified crops, which makes our job a little easier. I hope this helps. If you have further questions, please call us at 800-349-2173.

  35. Thank you for your diligence in sourcing non-gmo food, me and my family eat your oatmeal and polenta on a regular basis. Sometimes I wish I could come to your farm and volunteer, but I live too far away. I just wanted to say thank you for being commited to non-gmo’s. Don’t worry about what all the loosers say on the blog, theyre brains have been takin over by the GMO’s!!!!

  36. Did not read all the comments but do want to mention that it is important to me to see a Label On The Product that Verifies there is not intentional GMO’s in the product. I do understand that nature of pollin and incidentals, but I wonder why the package of cornbread mix I bought is not labeled non-GMO when you make this claim on your website…(10+years and so on).

  37. I have many food allergies and sensitivities. I try to make sure the foods I can eat are non GMO’s. Your effort to insure that your product line is non GMO is greatly appreciated!! Thank you.

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