Thousands of runners, and even more spectators!

Running with the Oats

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A quick photo break mid-race.Since we were already aiming to inspire you to try going for a run this week, we thought we’d share some fun photos of Trey, our Director of Corporate Finance, and his son Brysen participating in Portland’s Annual 5k Starlight Run.

This great event which kicks off the Starlight Parade every year, is well known for it’s thousands of costumed runners and crowds of cheering spectators. Every runner has a chance to win for being either the fastest or just the best dressed.

Trey and Brysen finished the 5k in under 30 minutes, which is pretty fast for a bag of Steel Cut Oats. It probably helped that the oats were being chased by a hungry chef armed with both a spoon and a spurtle!

.”]Getting ready for the race.

Thousands of runners, and even more spectators!
Almost at the finish line!

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