Our Policy Regarding Bioengineered Foods (GMOs)

by Cassidy Stockton in Featured Articles, Health

Dear Friends and Valued Customers:

At Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods, Inc. we are proud our brand is associated with quality, integrity, and wholesome goodness.  We know that bioengineered foods are a concern to our customers looking for healthy products, and we share that concern.   Part of our mission to provide the world with healthy whole grain foods includes taking action to keep bioengineered ingredients out of our products.

Producing a healthy product free from bioengineering begins at the ingredient source.  We make specific and detailed inquiries to all of our commodity suppliers regarding their seed source and growing practices. Since as early as 1999, we have required suppliers of food sources known to be at high risk for bioengineering to provide us with documentation certifying they plant only non-bioengineered identity preserved seed.  We now require all of our suppliers to certify their products are produced without bioengineering. We pride ourselves on building relationships with our suppliers and we hold them to high standards.

Our Policy Regarding GMOs | Bob's Red Mill

Over the past two years we have installed an extensive in-house laboratory that allows us to independently test for the presence of bioengineered materials.  Our trained technicians use state-of-the-art PCR technology and German engineered protocols to routinely test every shipment of product known to be at high risk for bioengineering.  Thereafter, we randomly double check our results with additional testing to ensure the accuracy of our protocols.  We pledge our continued commitment to stay at the forefront of the food manufacturing industry to avoid the presence of bioengineered materials.

As part of our continuing efforts to provide wholesome whole grain food, we are proud to announce Bob’s Red Mill’s enrollment in The Non-GMO Project The Non-GMO Project is currently North America’s only independent third-party verification program for products made according to rigorous best practices for the avoidance of genetically modified organisms.  As we work closely with The Non-GMO Project we will obtain Non-GMO Project verification for our products.  We will also use the Non-GMO Project verification mark to inform the public of our products that have attained Non-GMO verified status.

Our participation in the Non-GMO Project is one more way to show our customers around the world that Bob’s Red Mill provides them with pure, wholesome, and healthy products.

Thank you for your ongoing support and continued business.

To Your Good Health,

Bob Moore

President, CEO and Founder

January 2015 Update: 

For a complete listing of products that have been verified by The Non-GMO Project, please visit this site: http://www.nongmoproject.org/find-non-gmo/search-participating-products/search/?brandId=3657

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124 Responses to “Our Policy Regarding Bioengineered Foods (GMOs)”

  1. My wife and I use your products daily and love the quality. We are equally appreciative of your support of non-GMO foods. We will be lifelong customers!

  2. Thank you so much for supporting use of non-GMO foods. I recently started using many of your products because of this and will continue to do so.

  3. Your all Gluten Free all purpose baking flour is fabulous for my vegan cookies. And last nite making GF Vegan Mushroom Gravy, it thickened right up with this flour. I am pleased with your commitment to Non-genetically modified foods. How about more Organic Products. ??

  4. I love the Apple Blueberry Granola but did not find it on the project certified non gmo list. Will you please reply to me the status of this product regarding my concerns.

    Thanks for all you do to make healthy products.

    • Joyce,

      Our goal is to have all of our products verified by the Non GMO Project. At this time, that product is not at a high risk for containing GMOs, so it’s relatively low on the priority list. Like all of our products, it has been produced using only identity preserved ingredients.

  5. Please don’t stop researching and verifying your products! My family loves your organic and gluten free products and we detest GMOs. Keep up the great work – we will always be customers!

  6. I did not see our gluten free polenta on the list of non gmo, would you please let me know if it is non gmo? I am feeding it to my 1 year old and want to make sure. Thank you.

    • Hi Missy,

      Because corn is a high-risk product, it’s taking longer to get verified than some other products. We hope to have it verified by the end of the year. At this time, please rest assured that we only source non-GMO corn.

  7. Marcy Winograd

    I am a daily customer of yours, eating the rolled Oats cereal, as well as the Muesli. I strongly recommend that you revise your packaging so that it reads in red letters, “Non-GMO” underneath “Bob’s Red Mill.” I had to do an Internet search to see if your cereal was non-GMO. It should be clear on the package. Thank you for your excellent products!

    • Marcy,

      Thank you so much. Yes, we will be adding that to our packaging as soon as it becomes non-GMO verified by the Non-GMO Project. Additionally, package changes can take about 6 months here, so it might not appear on our package until next year. We are so appreciative of your support and advocacy for non-GMO foods.

  8. I noticed that King Arthur Flour has the tiniest “non-GMO” on the bottom of one side of their flour bag. Problem is that it probably is non-GMO, but I know that wheat flour and oats are sprayed multiple times with glyphosate (Round-Up) to kill the plant before harvesting. This process speeds up the extraction of the wheat berries, and ditto with oats. In my opinion, this is underhanded mislabeling. I hope Bob’s Red Mill will always be honest with their customers, and eventually have all of their products labeled non-gmo and organic. Any product produced from seeds can claim to be non-gmo, but since conventionally grown vegetables and grains are sprayed with pesticides, they also need to stop this practice and only sell organic.

    • Oscar,

      We are members of The Non-GMO Project and we are in the process of labeling our products with the Non-GMO Project labels. It takes a long time have products verified and to work through our packaging materials.

  9. I am happy to hear that most of the grains are going to be kept GMO free, May I ask about the use of Glyphosate, also known as RoundUP by the growers to desiccate their product pre-harvest. Glyphosate is technically not a Genetically Modified Organism, but is a herbicide chemical that many GMO’s are engineered to withstand during growth. Glyphosate as I understand however is more commonly used as a pre-harvest desiccant, leaving a lot of this chemical on the food.

    This will influence whether I can continue to buy Bob’s Red Mills or not. Please let me know if I can continue supporting you guys!

  10. Your gluten free mixes are my daily bread, so I look to your company to ensure that you do source non-GMO grains. I applaud you, and your company Bob for taking this step to help your customer families and farmers, by making ethical choices. Enrolling with the Non-GMO Project will be well worth your efforts, and we can’t thank you enough. Love your company!! It has heart! Blessings and light.

  11. Just wondering what your policy is towards global warming and man’s role in it because of development and agricultural impacts?How do you base your decisions about it?

  12. Patrick McDermott

    Hi, please also label your all natural cornstarch as non-GMo. I was wondering if it is and reading reviews on other websites I know others are also curious and just trusting that it is non-GMO since it’s your product. Thanks. Love all your products.

  13. Hi, I ordered 4 bags of Bob’s Red Mill organic soybeans from an online store. What arrived was 4 bags of soybeans, but they were not labeled organic. Unfortunately we were still using up what we had here, so it took us two weeks to open the box to get a new bag out. We were pretty bummed since we only use organic soybeans. Can you at least let me know if the soybeans are non-GMO? You say in repeated responses that all your products are non-GMO, but I’d like to verify that. We’re just going to use the soybeans up since it was our fault for not checking the package as soon as it arrived. Thanks.

    • At this time, our soy beans are not verified by the non-GMO project, so the post above still applies. I’m sorry that you received the wrong product. I’d recommend trying to return them to the site you ordered them from.

  14. Okay . . . so I’ll assume by that answer, that although Bob’s Red Mill soybeans are not yet verified by the Non-GMO Project they are still non-GMO by Bob’s Red Mill standards. That was what I wanted to know.

  15. The comments on this page are kind of sad. While I like that Bob’s Red Mill’s product, and love them being an employee run company, I really feel bad that Bob’s is GMO-free. I perfectly understand why Bob’s would do it, given their customer base, but is sadly one of those times the customer isn’t always right.
    There is nothing wrong with GMO’s and a lot that is right – they reduce food costs by increasing productivity, including causing less environmental impact by requiring less inputs and producing more per acre, thus reducing land usage. They are particularly great at doing this in developing countries, which is a huge boon as they tend to be the countries that have the highest food security issues.
    I would think those would all be issues that interest the typical Bob’s Red Mill customer, but oh well. Like I said, I understand it is a desire of the customers and I don’t blame Bob’s for it.

    • hahahahahaha no independent thought here!
      GMO’s totally ruin developing countries, and the one’s that have gmo crops actually survive are then dependent on the seed source. They use MORE chemicals and kill bugs, butterflies, honeybees, birds and many more. Less environmental impact? You’re either a sheeple or a troll. Also, it only takes 1 week of eating organic to feel the difference in your own vitality. Feed pets organic and their ailments ease off. This is not the time to follow – people must shake off the fluoride and think for themselves. Every time you eat gmo corn, or any food made with cornstarch and/or corn syrup you are literally eating roundup.

  16. Hi, I can’t see Soy Flour on the certified non-gmo list. Could you please make sure it’s non gmo and pending verification? It’s a family favorite. Thank you for all your effort to make better products.

  17. thank you for all the organic and non GMO food!i do have a request can you have more or even all organic foods? also are any of the non organic ones sprayed with glyphosate? for instance the corn meal?[i will only buy organic myself but am asking for sister who bought some non gmo corn meal]

  18. There are people who will try to fool you into thinking GMO is good for you. It is not. I thought I might need to be gluten-free until I ate whole wheat bread that was “Non GMO”. I no longer had stomach problems except when I would try the whole wheat bread that wasn’t non GMO and then I would suffer again. Now my diet is an organic whole food plant based diet and most of the food I eat I make from fresh produce. I am working at avoiding most processed food from my diet. My health has dramatically improved. I no longer need any medication. I truly thank Bob’s Red Mill for positively supporting our health

  19. I wanted to know if your white popcorn has been verified non-gmo yet? I love the quality of your products, and I am trying to only buy/eat non-gmo foods. Thank you for your time and help 🙂

    • Hi Angel,

      Yes, our popcorn- both yellow and white has been verified by the Non GMO Project. If it helps to know, though, there is no popcorn that has been genetically modified available anywhere. Unlike regular corn, popcorn has not ever been modified.

  20. I was told by your company that even though the label states: Organic corn, that it is partially degermed for fluffy texture. I was unable to coach-out a more precise answer.
    I am disappointed to hear your ‘organic’ grits are partially degermed. Quite plainly, that means processed.
    I am interested in the WONDERFUL taste of the whole corn. Besides, all the nutrition is in the germ.

    People, grits are degermed so as to extend shelf life of a grain product and taste greatly suffers when this is done.
    On the other hand, Bobs Red Mill is to CONGRATULATED, THANKED EVER SO MUCH for going non-GMO!!!
    Seneca, I urge you to read up regarding GMO’s. You are most incorrect.

  21. I recently purchased gluten free quick cooking oats from Amazon. They do not state that they are non gmo nor organic. Will you please confirm if pesticides are used on your crops and if your oats happen to be non gmo. With every politician supporting (and getting paid off by Monsanto) to not need to label gmo’s, the only way consumers can know if it’s truly non gmo and/ or organic is for the products that we purchase to tell us that they are not. I’m finding that if it doesn’t say that it’s not, it probably is. Thank you so much for all that you do. Have a great day!

    • Becca,

      As stated above, we do everything in our power to ensure our products are non-GMO. If you are concerned about GMOs and pesticides, I encourage you to choose our organic oats.

    • I believe it is true that any USA product labeled “organic” cannot have any GMO ingredients.

      Why does my package of Bob’s Red Mill Almond Meal (as well as other company products) not have any “non-GMO” labeling? That label does make it very black and white simple for consumers to tell what we are buying…

  22. I am so excited to have come across this and wanted to say thank you for being GMO free yay!! This means a lot to my family and me.

  23. Hello,
    Have your products always been sourced from nonGMO sources? I have corn flour and corn starch from 2014 & wondering if these could have GMOs in them?
    Thank you!

  24. Thank you for eliminating the GMO’s from your profits! If people only knew the damage it does to our bodies AND THE BODIES OF OUR CHILDREN. 1996 was the year that the GMO’s hit the market. My baby was SIX at the time. By the time he turned nine, he started projectile vomiting w/in 15 minutes after eating a hot dog or simply having a muffin with a glass of milk. He began having migraines with the veins popping from his forehead.
    He was diagnosed with SEVERE lactose intolerance. Go figure: rBst~ GMO’s~Processed FOOD’s. At 25, he is 6’5 190 and absolutely no migraines/reactions for over ten years but it took me forever to figure all of this out. He runs, works out and is a powerhouse. ORGANICS and NO Dairy~No Processed food. Free Range only.
    If anyone actually believes that our concerns over the food quality in this country are just hype … no need to worry …. they will be having their heads examined in no time anyway. God Bless You!

  25. Hi Cassidy,

    I have noticed through the questions and answers, that you have specifically been avoiding a question that has been asked twice. That is about corn starch.

    Which is my question now too, especially since this has been avoided by you. I just bought 4 bags of baking powder online and noticed it has corn starch in it 🙁 I need to know if it is sourced from a NON-GMO source. If not, I will have to return them.

    Please answer…thanks.

    • James,

      The cornstarch used in our baking powder is sourced non-GMO, as are all of our products. I’m sorry that I missed the previous question, as you can see, we have a lot of them.

  26. Thanks for your organic and NO GMO clarification, and posting these other comments. It’s amazing how biologically ignorant some GMO true believers are.
    I suggest they read Kingsolver’s SMALL WONDERS for starters. -Eric

  27. Thanks for the response Cassidy. I appreciate the confirmation.

    Re: Eric Burr: Not sure if your comment was directed at my post or not, but your statement, “It’s amazing how biologically ignorant some GMO true believers are” is confusing at best. How about a more authentic comment?

  28. Thank you so much for your important work in the field of protecting our food. I’m pleased to say my family will be a life-long customer.

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