Our Policy Regarding Bioengineered Foods (GMOs)

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Dear Friends and Valued Customers:

At Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods, Inc. we are proud our brand is associated with quality, integrity, and wholesome goodness.  We know that bioengineered foods are a concern to our customers looking for healthy products, and we share that concern.   Part of our mission to provide the world with healthy whole grain foods includes taking action to keep bioengineered ingredients out of our products.

Producing a healthy product free from bioengineering begins at the ingredient source.  We make specific and detailed inquiries to all of our commodity suppliers regarding their seed source and growing practices. Since as early as 1999, we have required suppliers of food sources known to be at high risk for bioengineering to provide us with documentation certifying they plant only non-bioengineered identity preserved seed.  We now require all of our suppliers to certify their products are produced without bioengineering. We pride ourselves on building relationships with our suppliers and we hold them to high standards.

Our Policy Regarding GMOs | Bob's Red Mill

Over the past two years we have installed an extensive in-house laboratory that allows us to independently test for the presence of bioengineered materials.  Our trained technicians use state-of-the-art PCR technology and German engineered protocols to routinely test every shipment of product known to be at high risk for bioengineering.  Thereafter, we randomly double check our results with additional testing to ensure the accuracy of our protocols.  We pledge our continued commitment to stay at the forefront of the food manufacturing industry to avoid the presence of bioengineered materials.

As part of our continuing efforts to provide wholesome whole grain food, we are proud to announce Bob’s Red Mill’s enrollment in The Non-GMO Project The Non-GMO Project is currently North America’s only independent third-party verification program for products made according to rigorous best practices for the avoidance of genetically modified organisms.  As we work closely with The Non-GMO Project we will obtain Non-GMO Project verification for our products.  We will also use the Non-GMO Project verification mark to inform the public of our products that have attained Non-GMO verified status.

Our participation in the Non-GMO Project is one more way to show our customers around the world that Bob’s Red Mill provides them with pure, wholesome, and healthy products.

Thank you for your ongoing support and continued business.

To Your Good Health,

Bob Moore

President, CEO and Founder

January 2015 Update: 

For a complete listing of products that have been verified by The Non-GMO Project, please visit this site: http://www.nongmoproject.org/find-non-gmo/search-participating-products/search/?brandId=3657

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129 Responses to “Our Policy Regarding Bioengineered Foods (GMOs)”

  1. Cherie A. Trippy

    This is HUGE! I am personally thrilled to support this company! I am making a commitment to support them and other company’s willing to take the Anti-GMO stand in their products.
    I am also pleased to read they will be doing their own testing for contamination; especially in products that are becoming more difficult to monitor, i.e. corn. THANK YOU Bob’s Red Mill for this commitment to your customers, Bravo!

    • I am so very pleased to read this Bob. Knew in my heart that your products are of the utmost quality. When I think of long, long ago what I ate that was labeled as good for me and my family I shutter to think of the damage it might have done, I have gained in my wisdom as to what goes in to fuel me these days. I am a product of clean, green, chemically free food! Thank you Bob and your staff and vendors who provide the world with healthy grains and more. God bless you all and Have a Happy Season full of blessings! Mrs. Linda Winchell

    • I love you even more Bob! Thank you for being verified by The Non-GMO Project.
      I will continue to purchase and enjoy your products!

  2. It’s about time. Thank you for providing us with such healthy options. I’m going to be a loyal customer !

  3. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your company. Bob’s Red Mill is my go-to for so many things! I live in Rural Alaska where I can’t purchase it at local stores, and I can’t order it online, so any time I travel to Anchorage or Fairbanks I literally bring back 20-60lbs of flour and other goods. I also sell the organic goods I bake so that people can have a healthy alternative. Thank you! I just wish there was a way for me to buy these products locally.

  4. Thank you! and I will continue to support you and your delicious, healthy products. Outstanding business model!

  5. Catherine Atkinson

    Thank you for your stand on bioengineered foods.
    “Organically Grown.”.”Organically certified” seeds would not be from a genetically modified source. An ecological farm leaves no room for GMO’s.Are your grains and products grown by farmers who follow ecological practices and principles?

  6. We live in Mazatlan for six months and in Alberta for six. We are very happy that your products are sold here at Verde Mercado. Shipping costs make the price higher but still worth it.
    thanks for provding healthy lifestyle.

  7. Stormoak Lonewind

    Thank you! It means so much to me that there is at least one company out there that is completely committed to safe and healthy food without compromise.

  8. Betty McEnaney

    Thank you!! You have just guaranteed yourself a loyal customer for life. I am going to spread the word.

  9. thank you for the reassurance. i have been a loyal customer for years. i have the non gmo shopping list. and was surprised and a little concerned that i haven”t seen the no gmo label on your products. looking forward to the day… thanks for the blog.

  10. I am happy to hear that you will be part of the Non-GMO Project at Bob’s Red Mill. I am only buying Non-GMO products, and will watch for the label on your products, especially cornmeal. Thank you for your excellent business model, and extensive line of gluten-free products.

  11. Delphiene Martin

    We use your products and it is so great not to wonder if your products need to be watched concerning GMO’s. I appreciate you standing up against the giants concerning the food we eat! Keep up the good work and I’ll continue spreading the word about your company.

  12. Bob,
    Thank you for your hard work and diligence in keeping GMO out of our food chain.

    I just made your “Gluten Free Bread Mix.” I altered your recipe because I had to. The result is superb. Your mix is THE BEST NON-WHEAT BREAD I’VE TASTED.

    What I did in a conventional oven:
    WHERE RECIPE Called for:
    1.One egg plus enough egg white to make two-thirds cup
    2.Milk from cow, soybean or rice 1 2/3rds cup
    3.their enclosed package of yeast
    4.oil (butter) 1/4 cup

    I SUBSTITUTED FOR THE ABOVE, the following:
    1.Three whole eggs (makes 2/3rds cup)
    2.Cow 1/4 + the rest up to 1 2/3rds. up as 50/50 almond & coconut
    3.I thought the yeast was old (it’s not) as it was not frothing so I added another packet of yeast. Turns out yeast was not frothing as I did not have the milks warmed to 110-degrees. Pilot error.
    4.Did 1/3 cup butter. This is 50-percent more than recipe (to offset fact I was not using cow milk and thus there was lower fat content)


  13. Dear Mr. Griswold, thank you soooo much for replying to my question about Bob Red Mills policy on GMOs. I am thrilled to say the least and now feel completely comfortable buying your products. I can’t wait to see the little butterfly adorning all your products. I’m congratulate your company on it’s foresight and thank you for keeping the health of your customers in your forefront.

  14. Thanks so much for this. I was in the process of ordering your gluten free corn grits and thought I would check to make sure it was a non-gmo product since it was not labeled on the bag. When will the labeling be in place?

  15. I am on my way to the store to buy two bags of popping corn from Ocean State for my neighbor and myself. I wanted to take a quick look at your website to be sure that you are using non-GMO corn before I venture out. I also appreciate that you are becoming part of the non-GMO project. Praise the Lord!

  16. THANK YOU!!!! Just bought a bread maker and can’t wait to start baking my own bread. I want to make Vegan bread with no animal products and I was hoping you could start to offer more Vegan recipes for those of us who don’t want to use eggs, milk or butter. Thank you so much for supporting the non-GMO movement. It means the world.

  17. I just checked to make sure you are using non-GMO ingredients because I didn’t see the verification on the products I bought. I am SO HAPPY to find out that your products are non-GMO because I depend on them in my diet. THANKS!

  18. I only see one item on the the GMO project and that is the Almond/Meal Flour. Does this mean the other items you carry are not GMO free yet? I love love love your white corn grits and oats, are these GMO free?
    Thank you!

    • Risa,

      All of our products are non-GMO, however, it takes quite a while to get items through the approval and certification process with The Non-GMO Project. We are patiently awaiting approval of additional items. While we source only non-GMO corn, if you want to see the seal of approval from The Non-GMO Project to feel completely confident, it may be a few more months.

  19. Thank you for staying non-GMO. My family had given up buying corn meal because we could not be sure what we were getting. It’s good to learn we can buy Bob’s Red Mill.

    Does Bob’s Red Mill sell Einkorn wheat?

  20. Thanks you Bob’s Red Mill – in light of what is happening with other organic companies being bought by mega corporations who support GMOs, it’s so refreshing to see that your company is going in the completely opposite direction. I will continue to be a customer and recommend your products to others!

  21. My Wife and I have become a staunch supporter of Non-GMO foods (post our watching of the many videos regarding the creators of this mess. I am very happy to see that Bob’s is in the process of certification.. We have been buying your products off and on, but it will be our staple product for all our cooking needs going forward. Thanks Bob and God bless.

  22. Another reason to buy your excellent products. Thank you for being visionary regarding GMOs and having integrity NOT to use them!

  23. I have bought your products for years, and since my youngest son was diagnosed with celiac disease, I have religiously purchased your certified gluten-free products. Your company and it’s products have been nothing short of wonderful! I can still prepare a lot of his favorite items in gluten-free fashion thanks to your products. I will continue to support your company and spread the word about your fantastic products.

  24. Thank you Bob for keeping your product as safe as it was in the beginning. You have been a part of our family for many years, even before the move. This encourages me to continue to trust buying Dave’s Killer Bread as he uses your product. Partners in crime, I love it. Keep bucking the system for the health of the people. Thank you so very much. Dave should advertise this too.

  25. To be certain, does this mean the corn starch in the Double Acting Baking Powder – Aluminum Free is sourced from non-gmo corn?

  26. I am so glad your products are non-GMO. I am celiac 10 years now, and have a few other food allergies or intolerances. Recently the regular corn has become an allergy w/ histamine and neurologic reactions. I thought I won’t be able to enjoy your lovely cornbread any longer. Not to mention the many other gluten free favorites. It’ s such a relief that I can continue. I have always looked Bob’ Red Mill products and been confident in the quality, taste and texture. I really had an extra appreciation for the integrity of your company when I heard Bob’s turned the operation over to the employees. Everyone is invested in the best for us and continued themselves. THANK YOU 😉 !!

  27. Thank you, so much!!!. One of my favorite foods is old fashioned corn bread made with Bob’s whole grain white corn meal !!! Delicious and nutritious..

  28. Thank you. I had stopped eating all corn as I was told 90 percent of corn is GMO and that the seeds are being bought up by Monsanto. I am so happy I can make polenta and corn bread again. I want all products that are not GMO to be labelled. I hope that happens in the US. I will be using all your products!

  29. Thank you. This is why I am a dedicated customer. With all of my families food allergies and intolerances this is a big deal for me. Thanks again. I will let all my friends know.

  30. I so thoroughly appreciate Bob’s Red Mill’s attentiveness in assuring they have non-GMO products. Kudos to you!

    In traveling last summer, I visited a natural food store in Freemantle, Australia, and discovered your products on the shelf. I told the check-out person, I lived in Portland, and frequented Bob’s Red Mill Store in Milwaukie. Your products are well liked in Freemantle, and the woman seemed happy to talk to someone who shopped was acquainted with the Bob’s Red Mill Store.

  31. This is why I know I can shop with confidence at Bob’s Red Mill. We are blessed to have the company store and the plant both within a few miles of us. I have been going to the Mill store for over 30 years when my kids and I would go to the old Mill and watch the huge stone grinder grinding the grain into flour in their previous location. It has been so nice to see how the company has grown, expanded into a world market and see how Bob has always treated his employees with the utmost respect. To have seen this company’s humble beginnings and to have seen how they have grown yet not compromised their integrity and the integrity of all the products is huge to me.

  32. I just looked up whether your products are nonGMO and an glad to find they are not. I’ve heard some pretty disturbing in-depth information about how dangerous the GMO process over time.

  33. Thank you so much for your continued dedication to providing customers amazing, delicious, and most importantly GMO-free grains, flour, rice and so much more-including my two favorites- arrowroot powder and egg replacer. (Egg replacer makes Christmas cookies moist and delicious! My hens are not happy that I prefer your egg replacer over their eggs for baked treats!)

    Have a wonderful holiday season!

  34. Here is an idea. STOP PROMOTING CANOLA OIL in your recipes. There is no such thing as non GMO Canola Oil. It’s all Genetically Modified Rape Seed Oil.

  35. Hi-I purchased a bag of your medium ground corn meal as no Organic was available at 2 different stores. I was pleasantly surprised by your belief that its a GMO free product however not convinced. This is from the Non-GMO Project’s own web page. How long will it take to get verified?
    On average, the process takes 4 to 6 months depending on the attributes of your product and how quickly you can submit the required documentation for your product evaluation. http://www.nongmoproject.org/product-verification/faqs/
    My $$ stay’s with Organic until your verified.

    • Thank you, RD, for sharing your thoughts. We are submitting our corn products now and should get verification back in the next few months. It is a very lengthy process, as you can see. We are confident in our corn’s status, but if you feel better buying organic, we encourage you to do so.

  36. Good Morning

    I too would like verification or confirmation from your company that your Southern White Corn Grits is a NON GMO product.

    Thank You!

  37. Could you please confirm that your products are not only Non-GMO, but
    It is the only guarantee that independant verification has been obtained.


  38. Is it wrong to say I am not surprised? 😉 As a second generation customer (my mother used Bob’s in her bakery when I was young), this is just one more amazing thing that makes me smile when co-workers ask for baking tips and why when I bring in delicious goodies full of Red Mill ingredients. Thank you to all the hard work and dedication you and your company have put into making our lives better, on a daily basis. It’s wonderful to know there’s someone fighting with us, for us.

  39. I have shopped Bob’s Red Mill exclusively for all my grain needs for 28 years and have baked most of my own bread for my family during that time. I am thankful that you all have been so faithfully providing the best quality real food for us for so long.

  40. Kathy Wiegardt

    If this is so, why are your products not labelled with Non GMO Project? That is what I look for on the label when I shop.


    • Kathy,

      We will be adding it to packaging as soon as possible. It can take a while to get a new design in the works, but I know we’re adding the symbol to everything as it becomes verified. You can visit the Non GMO Project to see a list of our verified products. Link is above in the post.

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