Your Questions Answered: Why aren’t all Bob’s Red Mill products organic?

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QuestionA few days ago, we asked our Facebook fans what question they would pose to Bob if they could ask him a single question. We promised to answer as many as we could. Many of these questions are more about our products than Bob specifically, so I’m going to answer some and I’ll have Bob weigh in on some.

USDA Organic Logo 6.15.07Today’s question: Why aren’t all Bob’s Red Mill products organic?

At Bob’s Red Mill, we strive to bring you as many organic choices as possible. There are a few reasons why we do not carry organic choices. In no particular order:

  1. An item is not available organically. For example, our gluten free oats. They are simply not grown organically right now. Because they are not your average oat crop, there is no organic substitute for them available. Ultimately, when this changes, I sincerely believe we will offer them organically.
  2. To offer an item organically would cause the consumer price of said product to be far too expensive. While we understand that some people would pay any price for an organic option, but we believe in affordable quality grains.
  3. We can’t find the quantity we need to take a product to market as organic. It could be the supply just isn’t available on the market that we need. If we can’t keep it in stock, we can’t bring it to you.

With these things in mind, we are always looking for organic varieties of our grains, beans and seeds. When we find the right fit, we often add it in order to bring you even more organic options.

What grain, bean or seed do you wish we would offer organically?

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34 Responses to “Your Questions Answered: Why aren’t all Bob’s Red Mill products organic?”

    • At Bob’s Red Mill, we have made a commitment to purchase only non-GMO grains. All of our products are made from ingredients that were grown from identity-preserved, non-GMO seed. For more information about our GMO policy, please call our customer service team: 1-800-349-2173.

    • Mary,

      No, we do not use any GMO ingredients in our Pizza Crust Mix. At Bob’s Red Mill, we have made a commitment to purchase only non-GMO grains. All of our products are made from ingredients that were grown from identity-preserved, non-GMO seed. For more information about our GMO policy, please call our customer service team: 1-800-349-2173.

  1. Hi-

    I understand it’s not all certified organic, but there are lots of degrees of non-organic. Do you have standards around the practices of all the farmers you work with besides the non-GMO standard?


    • We do have many standards for cleanliness and processing of grains. We require suppliers to attest to the safety of their ingredients, among other things and work to maintain good relationships with our farmers.

    • I’m not sure why you would make that assumption, John. Our gluten free oats do not contain any GMOs. Oats are not a crop that have been genetically modified on a large scale. We are currently in the process of becoming non-GMO Project certified.

  2. Well I hope you will attain the non-GMO Project certification because this carb loader loves oatmeat in its purest form. Any chance the oatmeal will be certified in the near future, especially the Extra Thick Rolled Oats?

    • We do offer all of our oats, with the exception of the gluten free oats and instant oats, as organic, so it could just be that your store doesn’t carry them. We are in the process of becoming members of the non-GMO Project. It takes quite a while and a lot of paperwork!

  3. I understand why not all products are organic and it’s great that you use only Non-GMO seeds. I know that ‘organic’ cert means no pesticides, etc. But, if I had no other choice, I would choose GMO grown without pesticides, etc over Non-GMO with pesticides. So, the question is:

    Are the Non-GMO products grown conventional, with pesticides, etc?

    I absoulutely will not purchase any of your Non-organic products unless thsy are freenof pesticides, etc and anything artificial.

    Thank, Tina

    • Tina,

      I am looking into an answer about the glyphosate use, but I think it’s safe to say our non-organic products are grown using industry standards for each particular crop. More info to come.

  4. Yes, please answer the glyphosate question for all too see. Remember the power of 10…..I tell 10 people, they tell 10 people and so on and so forth. Honesty is the best policy:)

    Thanks again, Tina

    • Tina,

      Unfortunately, we are unable to determine which specific chemicals, if any, are used on the conventionally grown products we sell. I can tell you for sure that the farmers must demonstrate safe agricultural practices in accordance to USDA law to work with us. If you are concerned about chemicals being used on crops, I would recommend that you purchase only certified organic products.

  5. Hello Cassidy,

    Thanks so much for letting us know that Bob’s Red Mill products are non-GMO. While it definitely takes a while to get certified, having this knowledge made me try your brand. I tasted my first “Whole Grain 10 Grain Hot Cereal” this week, and I am hooked. Thanks again for putting this out there on your blog. <3

  6. Bob Redmilll is a very large company and should not have any trouble with all the paperwork. This should have bed done awhile ago. Many companies claim
    To be waiting for gmo certification but have the same excuse ( time and paperwork )
    I say just get that paperwork done. Assign several people to the project. My boss would never put up with that excuse.
    I am doing the best job I can to rid my family of the gmo poison. We need help with companies like yours.

    • Barbara,

      Thank you. The paperwork has been submitted and we are awaiting certification. This is a problem with having only one certifying agency- The Non GMO Project. Believe me, we want the certification as badly as you do. We have endless customer requests for this and would like nothing more than to prove that we are, indeed, purveyors of non-GMO projects.

  7. Yes, I can see on the non gmo project sight that you are enrolled for verification.
    Thanks for your response.

  8. How long can any of your flours be stored in art tight Tupperware if kept in refrigerator. If stored in Tupperware on the shelf. My polenta stored on shelf spoiled.( I kept it too long and we do get allot of heat in the summer. We are going Paleo, but I want to break rules and make coconut flour pancakes for my diabetic husband on a rare occasion. I invested allot originally in your different products. Send answer to (Joan Monroe)

  9. I would like to see organic corn, rice, sorghum and buckwheat, available individually. All four are in the Mighty Tasty Hot Cereal (which, by the way, I did not find tasty at all); none of the four are noted on the label as being organic. I bought the Cereal in haste, without thinking about it not being organic. Won’t make that mistake again!

    • Thank you! We will pass along your suggestion. We do offer organic corn grits, organic brown rice farina and organic creamy buckwheat- all of which are organic versions of the ingredients in the Mighty Tasty Cereal. At this time, we do not have organic sorghum. We are so sorry that you didn’t enjoy our mighty tasty cereal.

  10. What is the difference between the label “organic” and “organically grown”? I’ve noticed the change in the label for the unbleached unbromated white flour. thank you!

    • Alex,

      I’m not really sure. We use both on our label, but I do not believe “Organically Grown” is regulated by the USDA. From what I can tell, it used to be, but is no longer. Likely, this claim on our label is just from an era when it was regulated and was never removed. The organic symbol (typically green and white) that says “USDA/Organic” is the regulated claim for organic now.

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