Biscuits and Starlets by Lambchop

Biscuits by Lambchop

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Biscuits and Starlets by Lambchop

Sensible treats for sensitive dogs.

When we started producing gluten free flours in a dedicated facility, we knew that this would help many people with food allergies or intolerance to feel safe about the products they were choosing. What we didn’t anticipate is how this might ripple out into other communities.


Pictured above are the traditional biscuits (left) and starlets (right)

In 2005, Annette Frey began ordering our gluten free flours and cereals for her company, Biscuits by Lambchop. Biscuits by Lambchop offer sensible treats for the sensitive dog- wholesome dog treats made without common allergens, including gluten, wheat, eggs and dairy. Biscuits by Lambchop offers two types of treats- traditional biscuits or starlets- both of which were approved by her official taste testers, Lambchop and Starlet.

Annette got her start when she adopted Lambchop, a darling adventurous dog who developed myriad medical issues, including kidney disease and food allergies. With no suitable dog treat on the market, Annette took to her kitchen to create a dog treat that was safe for Lambchop and passed his high standards for delicious treats. Thus, Biscuits by Lambchop was born.


Starlet is the Chief Cookie Officer at Biscuits by Lambchop

Since taking her company to the next level in 2007, Annette has also launched Starlets, which blend apple, cinnamon and honey, for her newest canine and Chief Cookie Officer, Starlet. Both treats combine garbanzo bean and fava bean flour, sorghum flour, coconut oil, starches and calcium carbonate to create a treat that is delicious and balanced for a dog’s nutritional needs.

To meet her team and learn more about these special dog treats for the sensitive dog, visit Biscuits by Lambchop. Freshly baked to order, biscuits and starlets can be purchased online or by visiting retailers listed on her website. Follow Annette and the gang on Facebook or Twitter, and be sure to check out her blog, Throw Your Dog a Bone.

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