National Flour Month: Low Carb Flour Primer {Giveaway}

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This is our second post in our series on the different flours we produce. Last week, we covered wheat flour, read all about it here.

When you think of Bob’s Red Mill, the words “low carbohydrate” do not often spring to mind. If you took a look at our product line, you might think all we make are carbohydrates, but as anyone who follows a low carb or paleo diet will tell you, we have quite a few low carb options.

Whether you follow a restricted carb diet for health reasons or simply want to lose a few pounds, these flours are essential for  keeping your sanity and enjoying some of the foods you miss the most on a low carb diet. Here are our most popular low carb flours and some ideas for what to do with them.

Almond Meal/Flour: Almonds are notoriously healthy nuts providing a good amount of manganese and vitamin E , as well as a healthy serving of monounsaturated fats in each 1/4 cup serving. Not only do almonds have a healthy boost of protein, they are also very low in carbohydrates and naturally gluten free. Replacing 25% of the flour in your baking with almond meal will add wonderful texture and flavor while reducing the total carbohydrates.  Although it has a lightly sweet flavor, almond meal can also be used in savory applications. Use almond meal in place of bread crumbs in meatballs, or as a coating for chicken and fish. Browse recipes for almond meal here.

Coconut Flour: Organic coconut flour is a delicious, healthy alternative to wheat and other grain flours. Ground from dried, defatted coconut meat, coconut flour is high in fiber and low in digestible carbohydrates. A single 2 Tbsp serving of coconut flour delivers 5 grams of fiber with only 8 grams of carbs. The light coconut flavor allows coconut flour to blend seamlessly into sweet or savory baked goods. It makes a wonderful coating for chicken, fish or other proteins in place of regular flour or cornmeal. Because of its high fiber content, baking with coconut flour is a unique experience. Coconut flour requires an equal ratio of liquid to flour for best results. Coconut flour can replace up to 20% of the flour in a recipe, but you will need to add an equal amount of liquid to compensate.  We recommend following a recipe designed for coconut flour when getting started. Luckily, we have many recipes to experiment with in our recipe section. Coconut flour is unsweetened and does not contain sulfites.

Bob's Red Mill Low Carb Flours: Almond Meal, Coconut Flour, Hazelnut Meal, Soy Flour

Hazelnut Meal/Flour: Bob’s Red Mill Hazelnut Meal is ground from whole Oregon hazelnuts, or filberts. Hazelnuts are often overlooked for their nutritional value, but these healthy nuts provide a good amount of vitamin E and a healthy serving of monounsaturated fats in each 1/4 cup serving. You can replace up to 30% of the flour in your baking with hazelnut meal to add wonderful texture and flavor.  Hazelnut meal will bring a rich, buttery flavor to your baking while adding an enticing aroma that can only come from high quality hazelnuts. Hazelnut meal can be used in savory applications, as well. Use hazelnut meal in place of bread crumbs in meatballs, or as a coating for chicken and fish.  Our hazelnut meal is not blanched. Find recipes for using hazelnut meal.

Soy Flour: Our soy flour is milled from whole, raw soy beans. This flour is a great source of complete protein, as well as a good source of fiber, calcium, iron, magnesium and phosphorus. You can replace up to 30% of the flour in your recipe with soy flour. Soy flour is naturally gluten free, however we do not produce it in our gluten free facility. Baked goods made with soy flour tend to brown more quickly, so it is best to use a recipe designed for soy flour or to keep a close eye on your baking when using it. Find recipes for using soy flour here.



We’d like to give one lucky reader a set of our low carb flours- almond meal, coconut flour, hazelnut meal and soy flour To enter, simply follow the directions in the app below. We’ll pick a winner at random from all who enter by 12:01 am on 03/20/13.
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277 Responses to “National Flour Month: Low Carb Flour Primer {Giveaway}”

  1. I try to eat low carb foods to keep my sugar and weight in check, and because they are just better for you. I also try to eat a mostly gluten-free diet because of an intolerance. I love Bob’s Red Mill gluten-free flours.

  2. I choose low carb flours because I am trying to maintain a healthy weight while training for a marathon and by using low carb flours I can actually enjoy a few baked goods without the extra carbs!

  3. I don’t use these flours because their low carb necessarily, but because they are packed with nutrition, and provide a nice alternative to traditional grains.

  4. I am gluten and corn intolerant, so use them all the time in baking and cooking. Particularly love the nut flours! So many good things to make with them!

  5. I like the low carb flours because they add a lot of flavour. Since I have had to go gluten free, I am more conscious of my carb intake. Gluten free can be high in carbs. I love the coconut flour the best, as it makes the best pancakes ever.

  6. I’m gluten intolerant. As I’m just learning how to cook and bake with gluten free options, I bake with coconut and almond flour constantly.Looking forward to trying the other two!

  7. I have decided to begin a paleo diet now that I am pregnant with my second child. Our family definitely wants to remain the the path to a healthier lifestyle.

  8. Because their healthier…white flour iis the worst for your body. Most have a chemical in it that attacks your pancreas…so I’ve heard. More POWER to alternative healthy flours!!! 🙂

  9. They’re healthier and more nutritious to use. I’ve been getting back into a healthier lifestyle and these would be a great help to stay there.

  10. Ive just started using these I have gone 100% Gluten Free…and really enjoying the textures and flavours… would be great to win these .. 🙂

  11. Rachelle Ludwig

    I would love to try these ..I haven’t done any baking in a long time now. Too expensive, and as a celiac, not completely necessary. I have seen many paleo recipes, with some of these flours, I’d like to try, tho.

  12. love baking G.F. treats with almond and coconut flours, and would love to try hazelnut & soy as well. Thanks Bob’s for awesome products!

  13. Low carb flours are healthier and I am trying to lost baby weight after having our third child three months ago!

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