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The Perfect Gluten Free Gravy

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In my humble opinion, gravy is one of the best things about Thanksgiving dinner. I was a bit surprised when  gluten free gravy, was listed as one of the foods that intimidates you the most about Thanksgiving. And a quick internet search will reassure you- you are not alone. It’s been a hot topic online these days and I’ve been on the hunt for some great resources for you guys to help take the worry out of gravy. I will also be sharing some pie crust tips and stuffing how-to’s later in the week, as those were also on the most-intimidating list.

The most fool-proof way to make gravy? Follow a recipe from someone you trust and try it first. If it’s your first time or a dish that freaks you out a bit, there is always someone who has a great recipe and who knows how to avoid the pitfalls. This weekend, try your gravy recipe and make sure it works. If it’s not working, you still have time to find out why.

How do you know if a recipe is good? What I do is look at 4 or 5 recipes for something and find the common ground. In this case- almost all of the gravies I have found that are gluten free use Sweet White Rice Flour.  If you find an outlier, save it for another time. Tried and true methods are the key! Now is not the time to play around, unless you are utterly confident and have a fall back plan.

I’ve gone ahead and done that part for you- each of these recipes would be one that I would make for Thanksgiving dinner. I still urge you to find the time to try it first, no one wants Thanksgiving dinner without gravy… well, almost no one.

Gluten Free Girl has a beautiful video and offers some great insight into making a delicious gluten free gravy. Check it out here: http://glutenfreegirl.com/gluten-free-gravy/ In fact, if you click on this link, you get a whole slew of amazing gluten free Thanksgiving recipes complete with main dishes, sides, salads and baked goods.

Elizabeth Barbone via Serious Eats offers very similar advice, an easy recipe and some great tips for converting your gluten free gravy to also be dairy free.

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5 Responses to “The Perfect Gluten Free Gravy”

  1. Bobs white rice flour is the only way to make gravy!!! My mom swore by “Wondra” for years and after I was diaganosed Celiac a year and ahalf ago we had to make some changes. She now swears the only way to make good gravy is with rice flour and of course we only buy Bob’s!! Love all our produts.

  2. Always made G free gravy. Drippings, potato water about cup and cornstarch mixed with warm water, season to taste.

  3. The problem with many rice flours (for gravy and other uses) is that they are a rather coarse grind which gives an unacceptably grainy texture. I have to say that the relatively new Bob’s Red Mill 1 to 1 Flour is one of the best I’ve come across in this regard.

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