White cupcakes are easy to transform into patriotic masterpieces.

Happy Independence Day: Red, White & Blue Recipes

by Cassidy Stockton in Featured Articles, Recipes

A simple vanilla cupcake is easily transformed into a patriotic masterpiece.

At Bob’s Red Mill, we think the Fourth of July is one of the very best holidays. First, people usually get together with friends and family. Second, the weather is almost always gorgeous. Third, um, fireworks!! Finally, food usually involves things that are easy to throw together and/or grilled! That presents and shopping aren’t part of the holiday is a bonus, in our opinion.

Who doesn’t love to make something crazy and fun for the holidays? Independence day need not be excluded from wild and wacky creations. Here are some awesome, fun and creative ways to show your patriotism.


Ok this one is more red-ish, but it does sound very American: Root Beer Baked Beans from Bon Appetit
Simply Delicious Strawberry Cake from Paula Deen
Red Velvet Cake (One of our favorites!) from Joy of Baking
French Tomato Tart from David Lebovitz



Red, White and Blue!


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