Quick & Family-Friendly Recipes: September Guest Posts

by Cassidy Stockton in Featured Articles, Recipes

If you recall, we did a series of posts last April featuring all sorts of different authors and bloggers highlighting a kid-friendly recipe that was both gluten free and casein free for National Autism Awareness Month. We had so much fun and the month was such a success, we thought we’d try it again for September.

All month, we’ll be featuring wonderful guest bloggers who will share a recipe that is a) quick and easy!, b) kid-friendly (in most cases, already kid-tested and approved) and c) uses a Bob’s Red Mill product. Most of the recipes use products that you can find in your local store and may already be familiar with.

We didn’t specify what kind of recipe, only asked that they be more or less healthy. So this month, you’ll find meatless recipes on Mondays as per usual and the rest of the days will have a blend of conventional, gluten free, and vegan recipes. I’ve asked each writer to include some kind of bio, so that you can find more recipes on their blog if you like one of the recipes.

For all of you with little ones (or big ones) trying to transition back to school, we’re here for you and hope this collection will make your life a little simpler. Here’s to happy, healthy and EASY September.

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