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The Love Bird

by Cassidy Stockton in Birdspotter, Featured Articles, Recipes

For the second year, we’ve teamed up with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology to bring bird lovers the ultimate birding photo contest. Each week we’re giving away prizes and sharing some of our favorite recipes, perfect for fueling a healthy, happy day of watching birds. Check back here each week for a great recipe, and don’t forget to vote on your favorites and enter your own photos in BirdSpotter!

The love bird… share a bowl of oatmeal with your sweetie (or keep it all to yourself, we won’t tell). Oatmeal is warm and filling, take it to the next level by topping it with decadent strawberries and creamy Nutella. Add a dollop of whipped cream for a sinful, yet delightful breakfast or dessert. Brew a pot of coffee or tea and cuddle up with The Love Bird while counting the birds at your feeder. Our guess? They’ll be jealous.

The Love Bird | Bob's Red Mill

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