@BobsRedMill Sourced Non GMO Pledge

Our Sourced Non-GMO Pledge

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Throughout our nearly 40 years of offering whole grain foods for every meal of the day, Bob’s Red Mill’s top priority has remained consistent: Maintaining a commitment to source the highest quality ingredients available. Now, we’re taking that commitment one step further with our Sourced Non-GMO Pledge.

@BobsRedMill Sourced Non GMO Pledge

Our Sourced Non-GMO Pledge means that the ingredients we source for our wholesome products have been declared by their suppliers to be made without the use of modern biotechnology. The truth is, we’ve always sourced using this practice, but now we’re making our commitment visible on Bob’s Red Mill packages so that you can purchase with confidence.

So, when you see our Sourced Non-GMO Pledge on one of our packages, you can be sure that we’ve worked with our farmers and suppliers to source ingredients that were not genetically engineered. That work includes cultivating trusted relationships over many years and requiring documentation that attests to the fact that the ingredients have not been genetically modified through the use of modern biotechnology. For assurance, we conduct audits of our suppliers annually. We also source organic ingredients whenever feasible, and by definition, foods that are Certified USDA Organic are made only with ingredients that have not been bioengineered.

From our commitment to meeting the highest food safety standards in the country, to our dedicated gluten free production, to our strict organic protocols, and now, to our Sourced Non-GMO Pledge, we are continuously striving to build and maintain your trust.

Download this pledge here.

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Tour Bob’s Red Mill

by Cassidy Stockton in Behind the Scenes

Did you know that you can take a tour of our mill? It’s a fun *free* activity for the young and old where you can see how we mill and package our flour and learn about our history. Our tour guides know even more about this place than Bob and they are incredibly friendly. In addition to the basics of flour milling, the tour also covers our food safety practices and our gluten free testing procedures. You can learn about whole grains and why they are important to your health, as well as take home some samples to try for yourself.

Mill Tours | Bob's Red Mill

Our public tours run Monday through Friday from 10 am to 11:30 am and require no reservations*. Most days, Bob comes by to say hello to our guests. On very special days, which cannot be predicted, guests will also hear him playing piano (yep, we have not one, but two pianos in our mill).

Bob's Red Mill Tours
Our mill is located at 13521 SE Pheasant Ct, Milwaukie, OR 97222—just 15 minutes from downtown Portland. Get directions here.

Bob's Red Mill Tours

After your tour, stop by our Whole Grain Store for shopping and lunch at our restaurant. There is quite simply no store in the world that carries more of our items. We have over 350 bulk bins filled with whole grain ingredients, as well as a wide variety of other products from spices to baking implements to cookbooks. Really, everything you could need to get started on a baking project. It’s well-worth the visit.

Bob's Red Mill Whole Grain Store
Our store is located at 5000 SE International Way, Milwaukie, OR 97222 (just a mile down the road from our mill).

Get more info about the tours here.

Get more info about the store here.

*If you have a group that would like to take a tour, please call us at 503-654-3215 to make arrangements.

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Bob Feature


by Cassidy Stockton in Behind the Scenes

At Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods, Inc. we are proud of our continuous efforts to provide healthy whole grains to families worldwide.

Recently, some of our customers expressed concern regarding the use of glyphosate in the end stages of cultivation of agricultural commodities, particularly wheat.  This practice is sometimes known as desiccation and is performed by some conventional farmers, particularly those located in regions with shorter growing seasons, in an effort to achieve more even ripening and an earlier harvest.

Bob Grains

Because we at Bob’s Red Mill are dedicated to bringing all of our customers natural, healthy products, whether organic or conventional, we have inquired directly with farmers and with our suppliers to determine if glyphosate desiccation is used by the farmers supplying our products.  The majority of our conventional wheat is grown close to home in the Pacific Northwest where growing seasons are typically longer and the practice of desiccation is as such rarely used.  We’ve been told desiccation is not a practice used by our individual farmers.  The growing, harvest and communal storage practices sometimes used by the wheat industry in general make it nearly impossible, however, for our multi-source suppliers to guarantee the practice of glyphosate desiccation is not used with all of the conventional wheat the suppliers sell to us.

Bob and farmer

We are able to assure our customers, however, that glyphosate desiccation is not a practice used for our organic products as the use of glyphosate is not permitted at any time in the cultivation of our organically grown ingredients.  Our Customers who desire to be certain that glyphosate has not been used may wish to choose instead from our extensive line of certified organic products.

We believe food and the way it is grown should be simple.  Bob’s Red Mill continues our commitment to providing you the best possible quality whole grain foods for your family.  Good Food For All.

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The How Can It Be Gluten-Free Cookbook from America's Test Kitchen {Giveaway}

America’s Test Kitchen Event {Giveaway}

by Cassidy Stockton in Contests, Featured Articles, Gluten Free

We’ve got some exciting news to share from our friends at America’s Test Kitchen– they’ve launched a new book AND IT’S GLUTEN FREE! For The How Can It Be Gluten-Free Cookbook, they’ve applied their extensive expertise in baking and cooking to create reliable, delicious gluten free recipes that will work every time. We’ll keep our book review rather short, because we have a giveaway AND an event to tell you about.

I’m a huge Cook’s Illustrated and ATK fan. I like how deep they get into the science of things and how thorough they are in explaining what needs to be done. In my opinion, if you can understand why something works, you can apply that to other recipes. I have absolutely no doubt that all of the recipes in their newest book will be phenomenal, but this is not a book for the faint of heart. While most recipes are decidedly straight-forward, each recipe comes with a fabulous explanation of the how’s and why’s for its success- which makes each recipe look fairly daunting. If you get past that, you’ll have no problem creating THE BEST Old-Fashioned Birthday Cake, perfect New York-Style Pizza, Extra-Crunchy Fried Chicken and some pretty killer Chocolate Chip Cookies. Most recipes are accompanied by a lovely photo and those that are more complicated have great visual tutorials.

Bottom line: this is a great book for anyone who needs to cook and bake gluten free and wants to know the science behind what they’re doing.

The How Can It Be Gluten-Free Cookbook from America's Test Kitchen {Giveaway}

We were so pleased when ATK contacted us and let us know that, while they have their own preferred flour blend for the recipes, each recipe comes with some minor adaptations to have perfect success with our Gluten Free All Purpose Baking Flour. How cool is that?

Let’s take the coolness up a factor- join Jack Bishop, Editorial Director and TV Star at America’s Test Kitchen as he presents The How Can It Be Gluten-Free Cookbook at Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods. Designed to help readers understand gluten-free baking and cooking, you’ll learn what to stock in a gluten-free pantry and breakthrough strategies that every gluten-free cook should use. When? April 7, 2014, at 4:00 PM Bob’s Red Mill will provide samples of a few of Jack’s favorite recipes from the book. This event is FREE and no registration is necessary! For more information: http://www.bobsredmill.com/Whole-Grain-Store.html

{Giveaway} The kind folks at ATK have offered us two copies of this fabulous book to giveaway to two lucky readers. We’re going to pair the book with a bag of our Gluten Free All Purpose Flour and Xanthan Gum so you can get started with this book right away. You know you want to win this book. To enter, follow the prompts below. We’ll select two winners at random from all who enter by 11:59 pm on 04/11/14.

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Charlees Kitchen 1

Food as Medicine Symposium: April 5-6, Portland

by Cassidy Stockton in Featured Articles, Health

While it still seems like there is a big disconnect between how a person eats and how a person feels, we are making great strides towards better understanding of food as medicine. The benefits of healthy whole-foods continues to trend upward. We can find books, magazine articles, Facebook pages and even movies sharing the latest news as more and more people realize there’s a link between a poor diet and poor health.  Since 2011, our friends at National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM) have worked with us to share their expert nutrition knowledge with the Portland community through the ECO Project (“Ending Childhood Obesity”). There’s so much interest in learning about nutrition that they have created the Food As Medicine Institute, (FAMI), a community-education initiative dedicated to providing nutrition education—not only for healthcare providers but for the public, too.

To celebrate its official launch, FAMI will host its inaugural Food as Medicine Symposium at NCNM on April 5-6, featuring a keynote presentation by Bob Moore, Bob’s Red Mill founder: “Whole Grain Foods, Life Insurance You Eat.

Charlee's Kitchen at NCNM | Bob's Red Mill

The two-day event is geared to satisfy a variety of interests and discerning palates. Whether you’re a chef or an aspiring cook, a physician or other healthcare professional, a foodie or just someone curious learning practical tips about preparing tasty, good food—there’s something for everyone. Depending on the level of your interest, you can register for all or just part of the conference.

The public symposium is scheduled on Saturday, April 5, from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. and will include workshops on “Death by Food Pyramid;” “Avoiding Inflammatory Foods & Cooking Methods;” “Strategies for Detoxification;” “Gluten-Free Nutrition and Avoiding Junk Foods;” “Breast Milk: The Original Superfood,” and more. Speakers will include some of the most renowned chefs and naturopathic physicians in the Northwest!

Charlee and Bob Moore at NCNM

The professional symposium, targeting healthcare practitioners, will take place Saturday and Sunday, April 5 and 6, from 8:30 a.m. – 4:15 p.m. Healthcare professionals of all stripes will gather for an in-depth examination of the role clinical nutrition plays in their patients’ state of health or disease. Practitioners will get a chance to augment the “clinical pearls” found in the kitchen to any treatment plan as they rediscover nutrition, the crucial foundation of natural medicine. NCNM has applied for 12 hours of continuing education units for the symposium.

Can’t attend, but you wish you could? No problem. Both segments will offer a live webinar! The webinars will be taped for anyone who can’t attend that day.

Click on this link to register or get more information!

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Bob’s 85th Birthday Bash

by Cassidy Stockton in Featured Articles

Bob's 85th Birthday BashBirthday Details

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Spar for the Spurtle Cook-off Tomorrow!

by Cassidy Stockton in Featured Articles, Golden Spurtle

Don’t forget to come on out for the Third Annual Spar for the Spurtle Cook-off tomorrow. 

What: Watch our three Spar for the Spurtle finalists battle it out in our very own kitchen ‘stadium’ to see who will represent Bob’s Red Mill in the Golden Spurtle World Porridge Championship in Scotland this October

When: August 16th, 2013 from 2 pm to 3 pm

Where: Bob’s Red Mill Whole Grain Store
5000 SE International Way
Milwaukie, OR 97222

Reasons why you should come: 

  1. It’s better than sitting behind your desk.
  2. It’s certainly more fun than watching soap operas.
  3. It’s free.
  4. It’s something entertaining that you can do with your kids.
  5. There will be a bagpiper and a banjo player.
  6. Bob will be there and he loves meeting people.
  7. You might get to taste some of the dishes.
  8. You can stock up on Bob’s Red Mill ingredients from our bulk bins while you’re here.
  9. We have A/C.
  10. How many times in your life can you say that you watched someone use a spurtle? I thought so. One more item checked off your bucket list.
  11. It makes a great story.

Some come on out tomorrow and enjoy the festivities!


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Grains of Discovery World Launch Party

by Cassidy Stockton in Behind the Scenes, Featured Articles, Whole Grains 101

We’ve been hinting about it for a few months and now it’s time for the big reveal… We are proud to present the Bob’s Red Mill Grains of Discovery!

We’ve taken some of your favorite whole grains like quinoa and millet and some of the more unknown grains like amaranth and teff and filled in their back story with a bit of their cultural history and recipes reminiscent of their origins. We hope you will join us in discovering all that can be delicious about these wonderful whole grains. The full line up includes Quinoa, Millet, Sorghum, Teff, Amaranth, Kamut®Khorasan Wheat, Spelt, Farro and Chia. We’ll be featuring each of these in the coming months showing you just how easy it is to enjoy something as exotic as teff and why you want to have farro on hand for your next dinner party.

In true Bob’s Red Mill style, ok, so that’s kind of a lie, this is not true Bob’s Red Mill style… our style is a little more jeans and t-shirts… in a totally unprecedented extravaganza, we’re having a launch party to celebrate the Grains of Discovery in New York City tomorrow night. This is not just any old party, either. We’re flying out ten of Portland’s top chefs (including our very own Sarah House) to create culinary masterpieces with each of these grains and show the world just how sophisticated these simple whole grains can be.

Join us on Twitter (#grainsofdiscovery) and Facebook tomorrow starting at 6 pm (Eastern) for updates from the party with pictures of the dishes, live messages from Bob and whatever else we can come up with. We wish each of you could join us, but we hope you’ll enjoy coming along for the virtual fun.

Here’s a rundown on the chefs and their dishes. Before you read on, please know that this is the extreme end of what these grains can be, we’re going to spend the rest of the summer showing you how family-friendly you can make these grains. You don’t have to be  a James Beard winner to enjoy these grains.


Scott Snyder of Levant:  Dirty Kamut


Naomi Pomeroy of Beast: Vegetable Bounty Quinoa Salad with Asian Vinaigrette


Pascal Sauton of Milwaukie Kitchen & Wine: Moroccan Farro with Braised Lamb Belly and Harissa Aioli


Gregory Gourdet of Departure: Chia Granola Crusted Squab, Sweet Corn Curry, Chia Jalapeno Madeleine


Cathy Whims of Nostrana: Chilled Buttermilk and Spelt Soup


Greg & Gabrielle Denton of Ox Restaurant: Ricotta Amarancini with Octopus Fra Diavolo & Amaranth Caviar


Kevin Gibson of Evoe: Toasted Eggs with Millet Seed

VitalyImperialSVitaly Paley of Imperial: Sorghum Tamale, Moxie Braised Goat & Oxtail, Spicy Sorghum Salsa, Puffed Sorghum


Sarah House of Bob’s Red Mill: Teff Pudding Cakes with Coffee & Berbere

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June Cooking Classes at Bob’s Red Mill

by Cassidy Stockton in Featured Articles

Get inspired at The Bob’s Red Mill Cooking School!  We have four wonderful classes that will nurture your family and inspire you in the kitchen. Call now to register and reserve your spot: 503-654-3215 x 208. Classes are held at our Whole Grain Store in Milwaukie, Oregon.

Bob’s Red Mill Whole Grain Store
5000 SE International Way
Milwaukie OR 97222

1000 gluten free recipes“One Dough Does It All” Gluten Free Bread-Baking with Carol Fenster!
Tuesday, June 4, 2013
5:00-7:00 p.m.
Class fee $60.00

Time is precious, so maximize your kitchen time with easy, versatile bread dough that has many uses. A single dough can be made into Sandwich Bread or Focaccia Flatbread … just by making some minor tweaks. Another simple dough makes Veggie Pizza or Chocolate-Berry Breakfast Pizza or Breadsticks. Carol Fenster, author of 1,000 Gluten-Free Recipes, takes you through the steps of (1) making a basic dough using her versatile, time-saving flour blend; (2) refrigerating the dough to improve flavor and texture – the secret of many artisanal bakers; and (3) successfully shaping the soft, sticky dough. Her recipes include: Sandwich Bread, Italian Focaccia, Veggie Pizza, Chocolate-Berry Pizza, and Breadsticks.

Easy as Pie “It’s as Easy as Pie” Gluten-Free Pie-Baking with Carol Fenster!
Wednesday, June 5, 2013
5:00-7:00 p.m.
Class fee $60.00

Pies are one of life’s supreme pleasures, and making pie crust doesn’t have to be challenging. Once you master a simple gluten-free pie crust, you can easily make Old-Fashioned Cherry Pie, Tarts, Pot Pies, Quiches, and Pie Crust Appetizers. Carol Fenster, author of 100 Best Gluten-Free Recipes, shares her tips on (1) secret ingredients that make the pie crust easier to handle,(2) special handling and shaping techniques for no-fail, delectable pies, and (3) how to vary this basic crust recipe to suit your needs. Her recipes include: Old-Fashioned Cherry Pie, Berry Ice Cream Tart, Chicken Pot Pie, Quiche Lorraine, and Pie Crust Appetizers.

Crackers and DipsCrikey, it’s Crackers (And Dips) with Chef Ivy Manning!
Thursday, June 13, 2013
5:00-7:00 p.m.
Class fee $50.00

Whether you’re grabbing a handful of nippy cheddar crackers for a mid-afternoon snack or crafting elegant cracker sheets for your next party, crackers are a part of all of our lives, so why rely on boxed crackers that are full of preservatives and trans-fats? Baking crackers is as easy as whipping up a batch of cookies, and they taste so much better than commercially made snacks! Join Chef Ivy Manning, food writer and author of Crackers and Dips for a class jam-packed full of crackers and dips. Recipes will include: Gluten-Free Almond Flax Seed Crackers with 2-Olive Tapenade, Amaranth Crackers with Cheddar and Pepitas, Japanese Rice Crackers with Edamame Wasabi Schmear, Graham Crackers with Hot Salted Caramel, and more! Signed copies of Ivy’s book will be for sale. Don’t miss it!

Pretzel Making at HomeHands-On Pretzel Making with Andrea Slonecker!
Thursday, June 20, 2013
5:00-7:00 p.m.
Class fee $60.00

Here’s a new twist on an old favorite—pretzels not from a street vendor, but still warm from your very own oven. In this hands-on class, learn how to make authentic German pretzels with Andrea Slonecker, the author of Pretzel Making at Home. From mixing and shaping the dough to developing that characteristic color and flavor, she’ll divulge the tricks of the pros for making pretzels in a variety of shapes – with fillings too! Plus learn how to make homemade mustard for dipping. You’ll make Whole-Wheat Soft Pretzels, Savory Stuffed Pretzel Pockets, and Herbaceous Homemade Mustard in class, plus take home recipes for delicious soft pretzel variations: Caraway-Rye, Cinnamon-Raisin, and Gluten-Free Pretzels.

Supplies to bring: Apron and two kitchen towels

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A Day in the Life of Bob Moore

by Cassidy Stockton in Behind the Scenes, Featured Articles

Ever wonder how Bob spends his day at the mill? I sat down with Bob last week to find out.

Between 6 and 6:30 am, Bob gets up and starts his day off with a bowl of one of our many hot cereals lovingly prepared by his wife, Charlee. He tops it off with half of a banana (split with Charlee, of course), skim milk, nuts, flaxseed meal and date pieces.

Bob and Charlee Baking MuffinsAround 7:30 am he arrives at the mill, where he starts his work day off with a cup of coffee (he always waits to have his coffee at the mill) and chats with people during the 8 am shift change. Then, he heads up to his office where he goes over his calendar with his assistant Nancy. There is not a day on his calendar that doesn’t have at least a few appointments and meetings. He typically spends the first part of the day greeting folks around the office and razzing whoever is lucky enough to be in his path.

At 10 am, he wanders downstairs to greet our tour guests (learn more about our tours here) and play a song on one of his two pianos (yes, we have two pianos in our mill).

Bob talks milling with Anoy

From there, he walks our plant, all seven acres of it. He stops by the shop, one of his favorite places in the mill to see what they’re working on and how each project is coming along. He visits our distribution warehouse and drops by the lab. There is always something new to see and someone he wants to catch up with. Working here, you quickly learn how much he cares about each of us. He knows our names and our families. Bob knows something special about each of us, whether we like fly fishing or are working on rebuilding a car, if we just got back from an Alaskan cruise or whether we play in a band on the weekends. It’s uncanny, really.

Bob and the guys in the shop. Not one of them is this serious, ever.

By 12:30 pm, he’s walked the plant, visited various people, dropped in on a meeting or two and is ready for lunch at our Whole Grain Store. Nearly every day, he orders two eggs and steamed spinach with a side of corn grits. Occasionally, he’ll order a sandwich made on our whole grain bread. He talks to customers and takes pictures with their kids.

By 2 pm he’s back at the mill where he sits in on more meetings, if required, or catches up on the day’s events. A day is never complete without a trip to our Purchasing Department to learn about different issues that affect our supply of grains.

Around 4 pm, he’ll wander back downstairs to chat with folks during the shift change. He feels it is the best time to catch up with people he might not otherwise see during the day. From there, he sits at his piano with Nancy and plays a few pieces with her (and that is why we have two pianos).

bob and nancy

He usually knocks off at 5 pm and heads home to Charlee for a delicious meal and a quiet evening at home.

That, folks, is what Bob does Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm.

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