Train with Grain 101

How can I participate in Train with Grain?
Hit the blog! Sign up and start training with our starter kit.

What information do I have to provide online?
Name, email, which race will be your first, address (if you want a kit — which includes a running hat or cycling cap).

What do I get when I sign up?
Tips, help, the training kit, community, a chance to win amazing prizes.

How do I win prizes?
Wear your Train with Grain gear (it’s in the kit) when you race, check yourself as a finisher on by logging into your personal race dashboard. Hint: the more you race, the more you’re entered, the better your chances of wining!

Do I have to wear the Train with Grain gear?
Only if you want to have your name counted (and win the prizes!) Yes!

Do I have to pay to participate?
Nope, it’s free, free, free.

Can I sign up at the booth?
Nope, but take a couple stickers home and sign up online. Then, stick your stickers e-ver-y-where.

What is Bob’s Red Mill?
Only the most perfect line of whole grains you’ll ever see, done right: steel cut oats, quinoa, corn meal, and on and on. Check us out online at

Why does BRM have a place in sports like CX, Triathlon and Road Cycling?
Active lifestyle is a perfect fit with whole grain nutrition/mentality. We love these sports! We sponsor teams and pro riders, and we keep the culture cooking.

How can I get my friends involved?
Spread the word, share the links, talk it up on Facebook, and wear your gear while racing, training, shopping, working, at school, to bed, etc.

When I order my kit, how soon until I receive it?
It will take us 5-7 days to get you your kit, so order at least one week before your event. You’re going to want to get it ASAP anyway so you can use all the cool stuff you’re getting!

Do I have to sign up for every event I want to participate in?
Yep, but we make it easy. You can select all of the Train with Grain races you want through your race dashboard.

What if I don’t see a TWG event in my area?
If you don’t see one in your area, you can still utilize all the great training, gear and nutrition info we’re posting here everyday. We’ll be adding more events – and sports – next year, so check back with us soon.