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If only I had a 5000 pound pat of butter…

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Give Dennis Gilliam (our EVP) one of those Rorschach inkblot tests and you’ll get a series of answers that goes something like this: oatmeal, whole wheat bun, bulgur, bran muffin, quinoa salad… He’s possessed by whole grains. Remember that commercial where everything the kid sees around him becomes a Tootsie Roll? That’s Dennis all over, so it’s no surprise that our recent visit to Chicago inspired delusions of his deepest desires. Some of his prolific musings found their way into my possession. (Okay, I read them over his shoulder at the airport) Here’s what he scrawled:

Obsessing over corn and all its derivatives has been a welcome pastime for years. When in Chicago, I always crave sighting two luscious ears of corn on the Chicago River. Some call them “corncobs.” Officially they are called the Marina City Towers. Just south of the new Trump Tower and close to the House of Blues, one of the corncobs was featured in Steve McQueen’s film “Hunter” where a car plunges from the parking area into the river. Ho hum; Big Hollywood deal. I’d still rather have a fresh ear of corn off the grill. I wonder if condo owners at the corncob let their condos by the week.

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