Tanya Kotelyanets

Tatyana Kotelyanets: An Employee Profile

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Tatyana Kotelyanets is one of Bob’s Red Mill’s quiet, unsung heroes and we are singing her song here, for you. Before Tatyana moved to Oregon 13 years ago, she lived in Ukraine. Since moving here, she has worked in the Bob’s Red Mill production department, running reports, ordering labels and generally making sure the behind-the-scenes details fall into place each day. The first job Tatyana held was in accounting, so it is no wonder that she considers working with numbers to be the best part of her job.

Her favorite whole grain food is Organic High Fiber Cereal, which she likes to top with raisins and flaxseed meal. She likes to spend her free time relaxing (who doesn’t?), shopping and visiting with friends. She counts cooking among her hobbies and her favorite dessert is French vanilla ice cream topped with peaches.

Tatyana always has a smile for everyone and quietly goes about her job with diligence and attention to detail. Often it appears as if things happen magically around here, when in fact Tatyana has come and gone stealthily. What would we ever do without her?

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