The Fabulous Chia Seeds

by Meagan Nuchols in Whole Grains 101
Chia seed is about the size of a poppy seed and packs a nutritional punch.

Chia seed is about the size of a poppy seed and packs a nutritional punch.

Ch,ch,ch Chia! Yes, Chia pets! Now in 2010 we are not only sprouting this tiny seed, but eating it too! Just like many whole grains and wonder foods, our ancestors knew best and ate it hundreds of years ago. These seeds nutritional value and medicinal benefits are extensive.

Chia seeds date back to ancient Aztecs. Used for a warriors nourishment and complex form of energy, Chia seeds were snacked on and placed in dishes just as we are learning to utilize them today. They have a large amount of soluble fiber and a healthy dose of omega-3 fatty acids. Remarkably, Chia seeds have six times the amount of calcium as milk. Although you might not be an Aztec warrior, you should still try one of these Chia seed tips!

* Try our GF Pizza Crusts: Made every Thursday and available in the store freezer.

* Try chia seeds as an egg replacement gel: combine 1/3 cup of seeds with 2 cups water. 1 egg= 1/4 cup gel

* Experiment with thickening puddings or custards!

* Add some seeds to your morning smoothie.

* Sprinkle them atop a summer salad.

Oh the possibilities! Remember that Chia seeds are healthy, so add them to anything and tell us about it!

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6 Responses to “The Fabulous Chia Seeds”

  1. I never knew that Chia pets held such a good little secret. I’ll have to find a place to buy these and work them into a meal or two…or three if I like them.

  2. Chia seed should be on everyone’s list as the dietary supplement. If it were, there would be far less dietary related health problems

  3. Hi Bob
    I bought chia seeds at organic store, love them…now I think…can I grow them, or I have to purchase different chia seeds for growing them on 1 acre??

    Second question: Can I purchase seeds for growing from your farm??

    Thank you

  4. I love Chia seeds and I appreciate the information you put here. Yes, Chia seeds are healthy and can be used in any of your favorite foods. They are tasteless and make a great snack. You can use chia seeds in deserts. There are endless possibilities with deserts but chia puddings seem to be very popular or when making some muffins! Instead of using flax seeds or poppy seeds you could use Chia seeds!

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